Rock Creek by George L. Frankenstein

Rock Creek

George L. Frankenstein created the Rock Creek oil painting in the summer of 1866. It shows Rock Creek, a tributary of the Monocacy River, at the base of Culp's Hill on the Gettysburg Battlefield. Culp's Hill was part of the Union Army defensive line.

Rock Creek by George L. Frankenstein

George L. Frankenstein

Frankenstein (1825-1911) was an artist and journalist. During the Civil War he served in the Commissary Department of the Union Army. After the War, he visited all the major Civil War battlefields to document on canvas those landscapes before they changed. He traveled over 3000 miles, much of it on foot, painting scenes of Appomattox, Shiloh, Fredericksburg, Chickamauga and Gettysburg. He was unsuccessful in his attempts to have the government purchase his work as a collection and his paintings were eventually disbursed. Today, some are owned by the National Military Parks that they depict.

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