Portrait of Charles Philip Krauth

Charles P. Krauth

Charles P. Krauth

Born in Montgomery County, PA, Krauth (1707-1867) was the son of an immigrant Lutheran parochial schoolmaster. He became a pastor and while in his first parish in Virginia, he joined forces with Samuel S. Schmucker to help establish the Lutheran Theological Seminary in Gettysburg.

Krauth and Gettysburg College

He became a trustee of the Seminary in 1826 and of Gettysburg College in 1832. He was also a professor, teaching intellectual and moral science at the College, and Biblical and Oriental literature at the Seminary.

Krauth was the first president of Pennsylvania (now Gettysburg) College, serving from 1834 to 1850. He lived with his family in Pennsylvania Hall, acting as a guardian for the students who also resided there.

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The Papers of Gettysburg College President Charles Philip Krauth (1834 - 1850)

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