Portrait of Harvey W. McKnight

Harvey W. McKnight

McKnight (1843-1914) was age 40 when tapped into the Gettysburg College presidency in 1884 (then Pennsylvania College). He supported a "soundly Christian" education and was committed to retaining the core curriculum of Greek, Latin and mathematics.

Harvey W. McKnight

He was also a successful fund raiser, and his work allowed for the building of Glatfelter Hall. This building separated the living quarters in Pennsylvania Hall, from the classrooms. He served as the College’s 4th president for 20 years from 1884-1904.

McKnight was also an 1865 alumnus, though his education was interrupted by his Civil War military service. He went on to the Lutheran Seminary and served as a minister before being called back to his alma mater as a trustee. Nearby McKnightstown, where he was born, was founded by his father Thomas, a farmer and merchant.

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