Musselman Library

Musselman Library was designed by architect Hugh Newell Jacobsen and opened in 1981. Its appearance was intended to complement neighboring academic buildings and reference the barns and silos of Adams County.

Musselman Library

Musselman Library is the only library on campus and houses collections in all disciplines.  Librarians staff a busy reference desk on the main floor and are available to assist researchers with their questions.  Special Collections is located on the fourth floor and houses the College archives, rare books, manuscripts, historic photos, maps and other treasures.  There are two computer labs in the library and numerous spaces for quiet study and collaborative work.

During the school year, Musselman Library is open 24 hours a day, Sunday through Thursday (with reduced hours on Friday and Saturday nights).  Students enjoy free hot coffee, tea and cocoa at midnight served on the library’s coffee cart.

The History

The ground on which Musselman Library was built was known as “Stine Lake.”  For many years students played Frisbee in this often muddy pit, sunbathed and used it as a general field for recreation.  There had once even been a baseball diamond.

Construction took nearly two years.  The building was surrounded by mud, trailers, scaffolding, cement trucks and wooden fences; when it rained, the site DID become a lake.

On April 22, 1981, 1350 Gettysburg College students, employees and friends carried thousands of books from the old library in Schmucker Hall to their new home in Musselman Library. It took only five hours. Musselman Library was open for service the same day.

Notes of Interest

The library hosts a range of local and national exhibits. Several times each semester, the main floor apse is transformed into a concert venue for "Notes at Noon" music performances. The library even has its own piano. 

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