During the summer of 2011, Joseph Miller '13, Falon Deimler '13 and Alice Wolfkill '12 accompanied Professor VoonChin Phua on a research trip to Singapore. Their photography exhibit is inspired by the vibrant colors of the country. Falon Deimler writes:

"One of the four 'Asian Tigers' or economic strongholds of Asia, Singapore is a young and highly modernized island nation. Its citizens are proud of the country's economic successes and enjoy all of the benefits of its innovative, competitive, and sophisticated society. Despite Singapore's emergence as an economic power, it maintains an unmistakably vibrant character through the fusion of its modernism with the rich cultural heritage of its people. This exhibit aims to demonstrate the 'Colors of Singapore' - of its architecture as well as its people-in order to capture and share the brilliance of a venture through the nation's most frequented tourist attractions, as well as its captivating local sights."

This exhibit is on display in the Main Stairwell of Musselman Library.

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