Jurassic Browsing


These dinosaurs are making an encore appearance, following their east coast tour at the Noyes Museum in Oceanville, NJ. They have become quite at home with the leafy green foliage found in Musselman Library. The beasts enjoy the wide array of publication, databases, and climate-controlled environment.

The appearance of these dinorific creations in the Browsing Room acts as an intervention in our daily lives that utilizes multiple shifts in scale, ranging from the diminutive size of our Jurassic friends and the perceived massiveness of the vegetal forms. As an artist, much of my interests lie in the cognitive shifts that occur when confronted with such dramatic changes in scale.

The situational placement of these antediluvian reptilians refers to the myriad of information available in the library. One of the ways to connect with extinct creatures is via the experience of reading about dinosaurs and their relatives.

Though they are friendly and inviting, it is asked that you do not pet the dinosaurs.

Peter Morgan - Visiting Assistant Professor, Visual Arts


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