"Let Us Here Dedicate" - Images

Photo 1 Aerial of Gettysburg – Photo by Jim Lott, 1938
(Given to Musselman Library by Patricia Lott and Family) 

Photo 2 Northern Veterans Camp – Photo by Williams

The originals of Photos 3-32 were taken by the photographers of the United States Army Signal Corps. This is a sampling of over one hundred seventy photographs that were given to Gettysburg College President Henry W. A. Hanson in appreciation for the College’s contributions to the success of the 75th Anniversary of the Battle of Gettysburg. The original album is housed in Special Collections, Musselman Library, Gettysburg College. The original caption for each photo is listed below.

Photo 3 Part of the Federal Commission at Gettysburg (# 109124)

Photo 4 Veterans leaving their train (# 109115)

Photo 5 Benjamin Franklin Williams of Atlanta, Georgia, is wheeled to a Pullman car by a solider. Williams, Age 85, saw service in the last year of the Civil War as a drummer (# 109269)

Photo 6 Assemblage of some of the 400 wheel chairs (# 109064)

Photo 7 A. H. Yeager, Age 96, of Cleburne, Texas, Confederate veteran in wheel chair (# 109110)

Photo 8 Richard Lilley, colored veteran, Age 95, of Anchorage, Ky. (# 109137)

Photo 9 The wheel chair detail, awaiting arrival of veterans’ trains. Chair conductors were members of the 28th Military Police from York, Pa. (# 109103)

Photo 10 3rd Cavalry Band from Fort Myer, Virginia, on parade (# 109211)

Photo 11 A veteran and a scout, strolling along a Confederate camp street (# 109146)

Photo 12 Commander of U. C. V., John M. Claypool; Hon. Harry H. Woodring, Secretary of War; and Commander of G. A. R., Dr. Overton H. Mennet (# 109184)

Photo 13 Chaplain J. L. Methven, Anadarko, Okla. (# 109181)

Photo 14 John Todd, Age 91, of Tennessee, and M. B. Harless, Age 94, having a card game (# 109148)

Photo 15 Interior of one of the Confederate mess halls (# 109313)

Photo 16 Thomas M. Shannon, Age 90, of Indiana, enjoying an after-dinner snooze (# 109139)

Photo 17 Barber shop of the 1st Medical Regiment (# 109276)

Photo 18 Ward tent on the campus of Gettysburg College (# 109282)

Photo 19 Andrew J. Davis, Age 91, of Bethany, Mo., and William B. Caton, Age 91, of Winfield, Kans., entertained by a group of Boy Scouts (# 109138)

Photo 20 View of camp, in the foreground a monument erected by the State of Ohio to Battery “I”, 1st Ohio Light Artillery, 11th Corps, Captain Hubert Dilcer (# 109040)

Photo 21 Orral Mullis of Decatur, Ill., a veteran’s attendant impersonating Lincoln (# 109136)

Photo 22 Nine-year-old Annie Laurie, of Atlanta, Georgia, in cadet uniform, embraced by veteran William D. Welch, Age 94, of Pittsburgh, who was a member of the 140th Pa. Vols. and fought under Hancock at the “Bloody Angle” during Pickett’s Charge (# 109174)

Photo 23 A remnant of the line of blue that once stood fast at this stone wall (# 109198)

Photo 24 A Union and Confederate veteran join hands across the stone wall at the High Water Mark, where they at one time faced with bayonets (# 109197)

Photo 25 President Franklin D. Roosevelt departing from Gettysburg (# 109332)

Photo 26 President Franklin D. Roosevelt arriving at Gettysburg (# 109235)

Photo 27 The Eternal Light Peace Memorial unveiled by a Union and Confederate veteran (# 109326)

Photo 28 Part of the crowd of 200,000 people and 40,000 cars at the Peace Memorial (# 109328)

Photo 29 Traffic congestion on the roads leading to the Peace Memorial (# 109330)

Photo 30 3’’ guns in College Stadium (# 109320)  

Photo 31 Artillery passing in review (# 109246)

Photo 32 Goodbye! (# 109271)

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