Gettysburg in Stitches: Yarns from Campus Knitters

This semester's Hidden Talents exhibit features not one, but seven artists! A talent for knitting ties this diverse group together:

  • Neil Beach, Professor of Biology (retired)
  • Kathy Bradley, Executive Director of Health and Counseling / Associate Dean
  • Kim Davidson , Associate Director of the Center for Public Service
  • Julia Hendon, Associate Professor of Anthropology
  • Suzy Miller, Administrative Assistant for the Provost
  • Donna Perry, Assistant Professor of Anthropology
  • Janelle Wertzberger, Musselman Library's Director of Reference & Instruction
Knitting Exhibit
The collection of hand knit art includes sweaters, afghans, bags, socks, shawls, hats and more. Other objects in the exhibit include a knitter's scrapbook, antique knitting needles and patterns, and selected books on the history and culture of knitting.

Knitters range in experience from a few years to a lifetime, but all have developed a passion for it. In her artist statement, Kathy Bradley writes: "I knit because I love it-seeing the finished product and knowing how many hours went into it; knowing the mistakes I made and had to fix; relishing the relaxation I felt in all of those hours; knowing that I'm tied to my mother and she to her grandmother by this tradition."Knitting

Their projects often are gifts for family and friends, but some also donate their work to charitable causes. Neil Beach donates his much-in-demand socks to charity auctions such as Project Gettysburg Leon. Suzy Miller is part of a College group called K-Tees that knit children's sweaters which are distributed by the national organization "Knit for Kids" to needy children around the world.

 A resource page has been developed alongside this exhibit which includes a list of online resources devoted to knitting and knitters, and a list of knitting titles available in the library.

This exhibit is part of Musselman Library's Hidden Talents series which highlights the artistic talents of people in the Gettysburg College community. The exhibit is on display in the Browsing Room on the main floor of the Library through the spring semester.

Knit Wits
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