Hidden Talents: Carrol Hoover

The Watercolors of Carrol Hoover


I have always been interested in creating things - from needlework to ceramics. When my mother died in 1998 I wanted to do something significant in her memory. She was an artist who, for the most part, did not find encouragement to pursue her talents. A friend convinced me to take a watercolor class with her at HACC and I continued taking classes for several years.

At first, I was terrified at the thought of "painting" with any medium. Much to my surprise, I fell in love with watercolor. Our instructor assured us that the "older" watercolor artists had a much easier time learning to use the medium - something about being more patient and being able to let go. Well, I am getting older and must admit that watercolor sometimes has a mind of its own and that is what intrigues me the most - you rarely get the same result twice. It is always a new adventure!

I am a bit of an eclectic painter. Flowers and landscapes are my passion, but hopefully with the advent of taking classes with different artists, I hope to do more portraits. Some of the artists who have influenced my style of painting have been Judy Morris, Arleta Pech, and Terry Madden. I am still searching for my signature style, but am having a wonderful time in the process.

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