Consonance by Jim Agard

New to the Musselman Library collection is the work of Professor Jim Agard, who taught Drawing and Painting at Gettysburg College from 1982-2012.

Agard constructed these three sculptures out of Luon plywood. Each piece was filed, sanded, primed, and painted before the final stage, which required two sprayed applications of an “activator” that chemically reacted to the steel-impregnated paint. The resulting surface of each was surprising and uncontrolled.

Right: Consonance, Main Floor.

More about the Artist

Jim Agard

Agard earned a Bachelor of Science in Art Education from the State University of New York at New Paltz and a Master's Degree of Fine Arts from Rutgers University. He has participated in both solo and group exhibitions, and his work has also been featured in a number of private collections.

Before retiring, Agard compiled a body of works dating from 1962 to 2011 into the exhibition Jim Agard: A Retrospective, which was on display in Schmucker Art Gallery from January 27 - March 9, 2012. Kerri Rosenstein, who curated the exhibition wrote, “Jim’s work is purely non-objective and formal, yet equally laden with profound conceptual significance. It invites an approach that is lucid and straightforward, while encouraging a willingness to let the focus blur. To hold these views simultaneously. To see and then hyper-see and be willing to not see, and in not seeing, see even more” (Rosenstein 2012).

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