The Mumkin Tribune: Our Year in Cairo

My family and I spent the 2009-10 academic year in Cairo, Egypt. My husband, Karl Lorenz, and I had the incredible good fortune to be awarded two Fulbright grants to support our sabbatical projects. Mine was a lecture/research grant in psychology; his was a research grant in archaeology. Our three children, Nick, Kieran, and Maria, who are triplets, joined us for our adventure. They attended ninth grade at an international school in Cairo.

Before we left, several people, especially library staff member Lisa McNamee, encouraged me to write a blog. After we arrived I decided to try it as a way of sharing our experiences with family and friends. I began with some hesitation, but the project soon became a source of joy. Cairo is a visual feast, and Egypt is a country of warm hospitality, unimaginably layered history, and striking contrasts - between East and West, rich and poor, desert and urban landscapes. I loved capturing images of our daily lives in photographs and sharing observations with my friends at home. Over time, the blog became a vehicle not just for communication with others, but also for my own reflection. It gave me a way to find words for experiences that were changing our views of the world and of ourselves.

Kathleen Cain
Associate Professor of Psychology

A selection of pictures from Kathy Cain's blog postings:

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