The Price of Freedom: A Scene at Pennsylvania CollegeA Scene at Pennsylvania College
July 5th, 1863

During the bloodshed and turmoil of July 1863, Pennsylvania Hall was transformed into a field hospital for the wounded and dying from the battle at Gettysburg. The campus of Pennsylvania College was filled with military units, wounded soldiers, hospital wagons, a surgical theater in Old Dorm, Daughters of Charity acting as nurses, and concerned citizens of Gettysburg.

The Price of Freedom: A Scene at Pennsylvania CollegeTo commemorate the 150th anniversary of the Battle of Gettysburg, a diorama was given to Gettysburg College by the Cleary Family. Created by Don Griffin and Amy Lindenberger, this 1:32 scale model of Old Dorm and the surrounding campus depicts the chaotic conditions that faced the citizens of Gettysburg in the days after the battle.

An unveiling and reception occurred on November 18, 2013. President Janet Riggs ’77, Natalie Sherif ’14 and donor Bill Cleary offered their remarks.

Diorama Unveiling and Reception

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