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Exhibit Dates  
A minimum of 6 months advance notice must be given for an exhibit request. New exhibits are installed by the beginning of each semester.
* Select desired exhibition date. Greater preference is given to year-long exhibits.
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* Is this exhibit time sensitive? For example, is it seasonal and/or associated with an event on campus?
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Exhibit Description  
* Title (or working title)
* Subject/theme
* Description of exhibit
Why is Musselman Library an appropriate or desirable venue for the proposed exhibit? How does this exhibit meet the guidelines for library exhibits?
If applicable, what potential partners will be participating with you to provide support for the exhibit?
* Do you have a source of funding for the costs incurred in producing an exhibit?
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Materials to be Exhibited  
* List items to be exhibited
Are there any special security needs, preservation or environmental requirements for the proposed exhibit? If so, explain.
* Does the material being exhibited need insurance? An inventory of all exhibited items and the value of each item must be provided.
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Exhibits should fill the display cases. Explain any special physical requirements your exhibit may have.
Publicity and Signage  
* Who will arrange for publicity?
Describe any publicity such as press releases, newspaper articles, or advertisements planned for this exhibit.
As stated in the FAQs, Musselman Library will create labels and signage. Exhibitor is responsible for providing content/text for any signage or labels needed for exhibit. Exhibitor is responsible for delivering to library by agreed upon deadline.
* I have read and agree to the terms of exhibit FAQs.
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