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Propose an Exhibit

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Exhibits FAQs

  1. What are some examples of materials that can be exhibited in the library?

    A: Paintings, prints, sculpture, pottery, other three-dimensional objects, pamphlets, books, surgical instruments, musical instruments, figurines, kayak, kites, etc. 

  2. What areas of the library are available for exhibits?

    A: Here's a map of the main floor highlighting available exhibit spaces.

  3. Are there exhibit cases available?

    A: For items that are not to be hung from the walls, Musselman Library has 8 flat cases. 2 flat cases are 58" long x 25 ½" wide x 8" deep and 6 flat cases are 56" long x 24" wide x 7 ½-6" deep. We also have 4 tall hexagonal glass cases, but the access door is only 11" wide.  

  4. Are items insured while on display?

    A: Musselman Library will provide insurance for the duration of the exhibit. Exhibitor is responsible for providing an inventory of all exhibited items and the value of each item by agreed upon deadline. 

  5. When can I put up the exhibit, and how long does it stay up?

    A: Exhibits are usually planned anywhere from six months to a year ahead of time. Dates requested will depend on proposed exhibit's relationship to annual exhibit focus and space availability. All exhibits must be shown for at least one semester or more.  

  6. What are my responsibilities as an exhibitor?

    A: Exhibitor responsibilities:

    • If exhibitor would like to host a reception or lecture, exhibitor will need to provide financial support for refreshments. Exhibitor will also need to have the date confirmed with the Exhibits Committee.
    • Exhibitor is responsible for organizing and completing delivery and pickup of items to the library and any applicable shipping costs.
    • Musselman Library will create labels and signage. Exhibitor is responsible for providing content/text for any signage or labels needed for exhibit. Exhibitor is responsible for delivering to library by agreed upon deadline.
    • Exhibitor is responsible for creating content for publicity and delivering to library by agreed upon deadline. Shared publicity will be negotiated on a case by case basis.
    • Exhibitors can create and display price list. Exhibitors will be solely responsible for negotiation of sales.
  7. Does the library do online exhibits?

    A: The library only creates online exhibits in relationship to physical exhibits. See past examples. Exhibitor is responsible for digitizing items and giving the library express permission to display on library website. 

  8. If I have any questions, who do I contact?

    A: Email the committee at


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