Sam Fink: The Gettysburg Address

September 2012-December 2013
Browsing Room, Musselman Library


Lincoln on a Horse - Sam FinkLincoln with Glasses - Sam FinkLincoln with Solders - Sam Fink


One of Musselman Library's special treasures is a collection of 15 illustrations of the Gettysburg Address, donated by the artist, Sam Fink. Most of these watercolors contain the 272 words of the Gettysburg Address and the image of its creator, Abraham Lincoln.


Fink, who spent most of his career in the advertising business, was inspired by Lincoln. "Somewhere along my route he became a friend. Remained so all my life. I've tried to draw him over and over again and once more. There is no end to his chiseled beauty. At times I thought I could go on and try to capture him forever and ever."


Fink has published three illustrated books: The Fifty-Six Who Signed (1972) - about the Declaration of Independence; The Inscribed and Illustrated Constitution of the United States of America (1985); and The Illustrated Gettysburg Address (1994).


You can see Fink's work on display in the Library's Main Floor Browsing Room.


Lincoln with Flag Draped Over Shoulders - Sam Fink

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