Library Exhibits

Exhibits and programs are central to Musselman Library's mission to create learning opportunities which encourage critical thinking, stimulate curiosity, and enliven the imagination. We invite learners to interact with Library collections and related materials, and highlight connections between the Library and the College's learning communities.

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Current Exhibits

Rosenberger Bell

Rosenberger Bell

Structo Toys

Structo Toys Make Men of Boys

Poster Art of WWI

Poster Art of World War I

Life in Miniature

Life in Miniature


Prints by Patierno

Robert Patierno

WWI Maps

World War I Maps

Historic Gettysburg

Historic Gettysburg

James A. Beran

James A. Beran Collection of Civil War Artifacts

Civil War Flags

Civil War Flags

The Price of Freedom

The Price of Freedom: A Scene at Pennsylvania College

Sculpture by Jim Agard

Jim Agard

Christopher Weyant

Special Collections Exhibits

Guardians of Gettysburg

Pvt. Herman S. Cook

Owl and Nightingale

Slaves, Soldiers, Citizens

Slaves, Soldiers, Citizens