Thirty Treasures, Thirty Years

30 Treasures, 30 YearsWhat is a Treasure? Is it something rare like a Shakespeare folio or is it something dazzling like pieces from the Asian Art collection? Is it simply old, like a 17th century copy of Euclid's Geometry? Or, is it neither costly nor ornate, but valuable in the classroom, as a teaching tool? In this volume, 30 faculty, alumni and friends write about their favorite "treasures" from the Gettysburg College Library. Enjoy their stories of discovery and surprise. You'll find everything from art and literature to sports - with a murder mystery tossed in. Order a copy while they last.


von Humboldt's Secretary - lion detailStanding approximately six feet tall and capped by two ornamental lions, Humboldt’s secretary is an impressive and handsome reminder of a long and fruitful intellectual career.


Portrait of Michael JacobsHe was 55 years old on the day when, without any particular warning, excitement in the most violent and thunderous form descended all around him, in the form of the Battle of Gettysburg, and turned Professor Michael Jacobs into a national pundit.


Samurai ArmorSuch an elaborate and intricate suit of armor would have belonged to an elite samurai – either a daimyo himself or one of his most valued generals.


Spinelli's Maniac Magee is Born"My heart still remembers the cream-and-green, whitewall-tire Roadmaster bicycle in the kitchen one Christmas morning—love leaning on a kickstand.” (Jerry Spinelli.) Spinelli’s manuscript collection allows us to glimpse the wizard behind the curtain.


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Robin Wagner

Ancient Chinese Ritual Objects
Yan Sun

Samurai Armor and Katana
Dina Lowy

Portrait of Martin Luther
Baird Tipson

Stuckenberg Map CollectionThe John H. W. Stuckenberg Map Collection
Barbara A. Sommer

Shakespeare Folio
Christopher Kauffman

Euclidis Elementorum
Darren Glass

The Book of Martyrs
Charles "Buz" Myers

Gulliver’s Travels
Joanne Myers

German Broadside of the Declaration of Independence
Daniel R. DeNicola

New-England Primer
Timothy J. Shannon

A Manual of Chemistry
Michael Wedlock

Samuel Simon Schmucker’s Letters to His Wife Catherine
Anna Jane Moyer

Architectural Drawings of Old Dorm
Charles Glatfelter

Portrait of Thaddeus StevensPortrait of Thaddeus Stevens
Janet Morgan Riggs

Gettysburg from McLean’s Hill 
Peter S. Carmichael

Jacobs’ Account of the Rebel Invasion
Allen C. Guelzo

Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland
Catherine Quinn Perry

Alexander von Humboldt’s Secretary
William D. Bowman

Portrait of Jeremiah Zimmerman
Christopher J. Zappe

Eddie Plank's BaseballEddie Plank’s Baseball
Dave Powell

Spirit of Gettysburg
Timothy Sestrick

A Photographic Atlas of Selected Regions of the Milky Way
Larry Marschall

Movie Posters
James Udden

Photographs of the College Playing Fields
Daniel R. Gilbert, Jr.

A Catalogue of Chinese Pottery and Porcelain
Mike Hobor

Address Unknown
George Muschamp

Dwight D. Eisenhower’s Presidential Correspondence
Michael J. Birkner

Photograph of Stephen WarnerThe Photographs of Stephen Warner
Roger Stemen

The Papers of Jerry Spinelli, Class of 1963
Sunni DeNicola

Confucius Pendant
Deborah Sommer

The Library at Gettysburg College: Past and Present
Christine Ameduri

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