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2000 Reception

2000 Faculty Publications Citations

Tahera Aftab, Department of Religion

"Development and Women in Pakistan"
in Feminists Doing Development: A Practical Critique

"A Tryst Missed: Girlhood in Pakistan"
in Running for Their Lives: Girls, Cultural Identity, and Stories of Survival

Gloria Allaire, Department of Italian

Encyclopedia Entries for: Andrew of Perugia, Bartholomew of Cremona, Buscarello De'Ghisolfi, Pericciolo de Anastasio Bofeti, Lionardo Frescobaldi, Guerrino Meschino, Jacopo da Verona, Jordan of Giano, Liudprand of Cremona, Missionaries to China, Friar Nicholas of Poggibonsi, Peter of Lucalongo, Marin Sanudo, Sempad the Constable, Simeon Rabban Ata, Pietro Roselli, Fransecso Roselli, Bartolomeo da li Sonetti, Thomas of Tolentino, Paolo dal Pozzo Toscanelli, Pietro Vesconte, Zaiton.
Trade, Travel, and Exploration in the Middle Ages: An Encyclopedia

Pia Altieri, Department of Religion

"Knowledge Negotiations and NAGPRA: Reconceptualizing Repatriation Discourses"
in Law & Religion in Contemporary Society, Communities, Individualism and the State

Michael Birkner, Department of History

McCormick of Rutgers

Gabor Boritt, Department of History

The Lincoln Enigma

Charles Emmons, Department of Sociology & Anthropology

"Potential Social Consequences of Contact with Extraterrestrial Intelligence"
in Extraterrestrial Contact: What Will it Mean for Humanity?

Norman Forness (editor), Department of History (emeritus)

The Papers of the Schmucker Bicentennial

J. Matthew Gallman, Civil War Era Studies

"Anna Dickinson: Abolitionist Orator"
in The Human Tradition in the Civil War and Reconstruction

"Service Learning and History: Training the Metaphysical Mind"

in Connecting the Past and Present: Concepts and Models for Service-Learning in History

Encyclopedia entries on:
"The Domestic Discourse"
"The Sanitary Commission"
Oxford Companion to American Military History

Receiving Erin's Children: Philadelphia, Liverpool and the Irish Famine Migration, 1845-1855

Editor of:
The Civil War Chronicle: The Only Day-by-Day Portrait of America's Tragic Conflict As Told by Soldiers, Journalists, Politicians, Farmers, Nurses, Slaves and Other Eyewitnesses

Christina Ericson Hansen
, Civil War Era Studies

Contributor to:
The Civil War Chronicle: The Only Day-by-Day Portrait of America's Tragic Conflict As Told by Soldiers, Journalists, Politicians, Farmers, Nurses, Slaves and Other Eyewitnesses

Jennifer Hansen, Department of Philosophy

Introductory pieces
in French Feminism Reader

Barbara Schmitter Heisler, Department of Sociology & Anthropology

"The Sociology of Immigration"
in Migration Theory: Talking Across the Disciplines

Julia Hendon, Department of Sociology & Anthropology

"Having and Holding: Storage, Memory, Knowledge and Social Relations"
in Mayan Clothing and Weaving Through the Ages

Fred Leebron, Department of English

Six Figures

Kenneth Mott, Department of Political Science

The Supreme Court and the Living Constitution

James Myers (editor), Department of English

Writing Irish

Michael Ritterson, Department of German

The Odin Field by Wilhelm Raabe (a translation)

Marta Robertson, Department of Music

Aaron Copland : A Guide to Research

William Rosenbach, Department of Management

Military Leadership: In Pursuit of Excellence , 4th Edition (also Chinese translation)

Donald Tannenbaum, Department of Political Science

The Supreme Court

Kerry Walters, Department of Philosophy

Soul Wilderness: A Dessert Spirituality

A Retreat with Brother Lawrence and the Russian Pilgrim: Praying Ceaselessly

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