2001 Faculty Publications Citations

Tahera Aftab, Department of Women's Studies

Tahera Aftab, "Text and Practice: Women and Nature in Islam," in Women as Sacred Custodians of the Earth? Women, Spirituality, and the Environment, ed. Alaine Low and Soraya Tremayne (Oxford: Berghan Books, 2001).

Tahera Aftab, "Adult Education in Pakistan," in South and East Asian Education Chronologies in Commonwealth Countries, ed. James Draper (Selangor, Malaysia: The University Putri Malaysia Press, 2001).

Martha Arterberry, Department of Psychology

Martha Arterberry and Catherine Craver -Lemley, "Imagery-induced Interference on a Visual Detection Task," Spatial Vision 114: 2 (2001): 101-119.

Martha Arterberry and Marc H. Bornstein, "Three-month-old Infants' Categorization of Animals and Vehicles Based on Static and Dynamic Attributes," Journal of Experimental Child Psychology 90 (2001): 333-346.

Rossana Barbera, Department of Italian

Rossana Barbera, La donna che cammina: incanto e mito della seduzione del passo femminile nella poesia italiana del primo Novecento,
(Italy: A. Longo Editore snc, 2001).

Neil W. Beach, Department of Biology, Emeritus

Neil W. Beach, "Gay Rights and Human Rights," Torch Magazine 74:1 (2000):
8-9, 35.

Temma Berg, Department of English

Temma Berg, "Reader, Readers, Reading," Reader: Essays in Reader-Oriented Theory, Criticism and Pedagogy 43 (2000): 25-30.

Temma Berg, "Engendering the Gothic: Clara Reeve Redecorates the Castle of Otranto," Reader: Essays in Reader-Oriented Theory, Criticism and Pedagogy 44 (2001): 53-78.

Michael Birkner, Department of History

Michael Birkner, "Eisenhower and the Red Menace," Prologue (Quarterly of the National Archives and Records Administration) 33:3 (2001): 197-205.

Michael Birkner, "Not Just a Popularity Contest," Concord Monitor, 5 Nov. 2000, sec. Viewpoints, p. D-1, D-5.

Michael Birkner, "The Election That Would Not End," Congress Monthly (Jan./Feb. 2001): 11-13.

Michael Birkner, McCormick of Rutgers: Scholar, Teacher, Public Historian
(Westport, Connecticut: Greenwood, 2001).

Michael Birkner, The United States Senate? Consequences of a 50-50 Division.

Michael Birkner, "Sherman Adams," in The New Hampshire Century: Concord Monitor Profiles of One Hundred People Who Shaped It, ed. Felice Belman and Mike Pride, (Hanover and London: UP of New England, 2001), 104-111.

Michael Birkner, Making the Grade? Presidential Performance Ratings, (Viewpoints) available on Pearson History Education Website.

Philip Bobko, Department of Management

Philip Bobko, P. Roth, and C. Bobko, "Correcting the Effect Size of d for Range Restriction and Unreliability," Organizational Research Methods 4:1 (2001): 46-61.

Philip Bobko and Manuel Tejeda, "Liberal Arts And Management Education:
Re-emphasizing the Link For The 21st Century," Journal of Business Education 1 (2000): 1-10.

Philip Bobko, P. Roth, F. Switzer, and M. Dean, " Prior Selection Causes Biased
Estimates of Standardized Ethnic Group Differences: Simulation and Analysis,"
Personnel Psychology 54 (2001): 91-617.

Philip Bobko, " Ethnic Group Differences in Cognitive Ability in Employment and Educational Settings: A Meta-analysis," Personnel Psychology 54 (2001): 297-330.

Philip Bobko, P. Roth, and H. Mabon, " Utility Analysis: A Review and Analysis at the Turn of the Century," Handbook of Industrial, Work and Organizational Psychology 1 (2001): 363-384.

Philip Bobko, Correlation and Regression: Applications for Industrial Organizational Psychology and Management (Sage Press, 2001).

Robert Bohrer II, Department of Political Science

Robert Bohrer, II, Decision Costs and Democracy: Trade-offs in Institutional Design (Aldershot, UK: Ashgate Publishing Limited, 2001).

Robert F. Bornstein, Department of Psychology

Robert F. Bornstein, "A Meta-Analysis of the Dependency-Eating-Disorders Relationship: Strength, Specificity, and Temporal Stability," Journal of Psychopathology and Behavioral Assessment 23 (2001): 151-162.

Robert F. Bornstein, "The Impending Death of Psychoanalysis," Psychoanalytic Psychology 18 (2001): 3-20.

Robert F. Bornstein and Erica Hill "Interpersonal Dependency Among Adult Survivors of Childhood Sexual Abuse," Journal of Child Sexual Abuse 9 (2000): 71-86.

Robert F. Bornstein, "Clinical Utility of the Rorschach Inkblot Method: Reframing the Debate," Journal Title: Journal of Personality Assessment 77 (2001): 39-47.

Robert F. Bornstein and Megan R. Bartlett, "Has Psychology Become the Science of Questionnaires? A Survey of Research Outcome Measures at the Close of the 20th Century," The General Psychologist 36 (2001): 36-40.

Robert F. Bornstein and Mary A. Languirand, Ph. D, When Someone You Love Needs Nursing Home Care (Newmarket Press, 2001).

Vera Brusentsev, Department of Economics

Vera Brusentsev and Wayne Vroman, "Australian Unemployment Protection: Challenges and New Directions," National Social Policy Conference Refereed Volume Papers (2001).

Ronald Burgess, Department of Spanish

Ronald Burgess, "Summer 2000 Puppet Theatre in Mexico, For Adults and Children Only," Latin American Theatre Review 34:2 (2001): 171-176.

Dan W. Butin, Department of Education

Dan W. Butin, "If This is Resistance I Would Hate to See Domination: Retrieving Foucault's Notion of Resistance within Educational Research," Educational Studies 32:2 (2001).

Dan W. Butin, "This Ain't Talk Therapy: Problematizing and Extending Anti-Oppressive Education," Educational Researcher (January 2001).

Paul Carrick, Department of Philosophy

Paul Carrick, Medical Ethics in the Ancient World (Washington D.C.: Georgetown University Press, 2001).

Ralph Cavaliere, Department of Biology

Ralph Cavaliere, Erin V. Campbell, Noemie Orolaza-Halbrendt, and Kenneth D. Hickey, "A Scanning Electron Microscopic Study of Endophytic and Epiphytic Growth of Erwinia Amylovora in Apple Trees," Journal of the Pennsylvania Academy of Science 75 ( 2001): 50-55.

Ron Guey Chu, Department of Global Studies

Ron Guey Chu, Qianbei Tan Renquan: Zhongguo Renquan
Ziliao Xuanji
(Taipei: Fujen Catholic University Press, 2001).

John Commito, Department of Environmental Studies

John Commito and Brian Rusignuolo, "Structural Complexity in Mussel Beds:
The Fractal Geometry of Surface Topography," Journal of Experiment Marine Biology and Ecology, 225 (2000): 133-152.

John Commito and Norbert Dankers, "Dynamics of Spatial and Temporal
Complexity in European amd North American Soft-Bottom Mussel Beds," Ecological Comparisons of Sedimentary Shores, 151 (2001): 39-59 series: Ecological Comparisons (Berlin: Springer-Verlag).

Thomas C. Conte, Department of Political Science

Thomas C. Conte and Ronald Terchek, Theories of Democracy: A Reader
(Lanham, MD: Rowman & Littlefield Publishers, 2001).

Bret Crawford, Department of Physics

Bret Crawford and Sharon Stephenson, "Parity Violation in Neutron Resonances
of Sn," Physical Review C, 64 (2001): 015502.

Bret Crawford and Sharon Stephenson, "Parity Violation in Neutron Resonances
of Antimony and Iodine," Physical Review C, 64 (2001): 015501, 2001.

Thomas Crawford, Department of Environmental Studies

Thomas Crawford, Kelley A. Crews-Meyer, Stephen J. Walsh and William F. Welsh, "Multi Scale Analysis of LUCL and NDVI Variation in Nagn Rong District, Northeast Thailand," Agriculture, Ecosystms and Environment 85 (2001): 47-64.

Thomas Crawford, "Patterns of Change in Land Use, Land Cover, and Plant Biomass: Separating Intra- and Inter-annual Signals in Monsoon-driven Northeast Thailand," in GIS and Remote Sensing and Applications in Biogeography and Ecology (Dordrecht: Kluwer Academic Publishers, 2001).

Christopher Fee, Department of English

Christopher Fee, Gods, Heroes, and King: The Battle for Mythic Britain
(Oxford, 2001).

Rebecca Fincher-Keefer, Department of Psychology

Rebecca Fincher-Keefer, "Perceptual Components of Situation Models," Memory and Cognition (March 2001).

James P. Fink, Department of Computer Science

James P. Fink, Aly I. El-Kadi and J.Y. Parlange, "One Last Visit to the Capillarity Correction for Free Surface Flow," Water Resources Research 37:3 (2001): 827-829.

Peter Fong, Department of Biology

Peter Fong, "Antidepressants in Aquatic Organisms: A Wide Range of Effects," in Pharmaceuticals and Personal Care Products in the Environment, ed. C.G. Daughton and T.L. Jones-Lepp ( Washington, D.C.: ACS Press, ACS Symp. series 791, 2001).

Peter Fong and John Muschamp, "Effects of the Serotonin Receptor Ligand Methiothepin on Reproductive Behavior of the Freshwater Snail Biomphalaria glabrata: Reduction of Egg Laying and UNduction of Penile Erection," Journal of Experimental Zoology 289 (2001): 202-207.

Edwin Freed, Department of Religion

Edwin Freed, The Stories of Jesus' Birth: A Critical Introduction (Sheffield: Sheffield Academic Press, 2001).

Karen J. Frey, Department of Management

Karen J. Frey and Charles Coate, "Some Evidence on the Ethical Disposition of Accounting Students: Context and Gender Implications," Teaching Business Ethics 4 (2000): 379-404.

Katherine Furlong, Musselman Library

Katherine Furlong and Janelle Wertzberger, "Photomicrographs, the NPR 100, and Student Teaching; Library liaison ideas that really work," College & Research Libraries News 62:10 (2001): 1004-1006,1020.

Katherine Furlong, "The Brickbats Are Flying: Results of a Faculty/Librarian Collaboration in a Women's Studies Pilot Project," in New Learning Environments, ed. Linda Shirato (Ann Arbor, Michigan: The Pierian Press, 2001).

Robert Garnett, Department of English

Robert Garnett, "Oliver Twist's Nancy: The Angel in Chains," Religion and the Arts 14:4 (2001).

Daniel R. Gilbert, Department of Management

Daniel R. Gilbert and David M. Levan, "An Extraordinary Concept in the Ordinary Service of Management," Business Ethics Quarterly 11:1 (2001): 1-9.

Daniel R. Gilbert and David M. Levan, "Corporate Strategy and Ethics, as
Corporate Strategy Comes of Age," in The Blackwell Handbook of Strategic Management (Oxford Blackwell Business, 2001), 564-582.

Natalie Goubet, Department of Psychology

Nathalie Goubet, D.H. Ashmean, R.K. Clifton, M.E. McCarty and P. Lee, "How Infants Use Vision for Grasping Objects," Child Development 72:4 (2001): 973-987.

Sharon Davis Gratto, Department of Music

Sharon Davis Gratto, Janis McCauley and Robert Natter, "Global Voices in Song: A College-Public School Partnership," Choral Journal 41:8 (2001): 23-27.

Cecil Conteen Gray, Department of Religion

Cecil Conteen Gray, Afrocentric Thought and Practice: An Intellectual History (Trenton: Africa World Press, 2001).

Christina Ericson Hansen Department of History

Christina Ericson Hansen, "The World Will Little Note Nor Long Remember: Gender Analysis of Civilian Responses to the Battle of Gettysburg," in Making and Remaking Pennsylvania's Civil War, ed. William Blair and William Pencak (Penn State University Press, 2001), 81-101.

Caroline Hartzell, Department of Political Science

Caroline Hartzell, Matthew Hoddie and Donald Rothchild, "Stabilizing the Peace After Civil War: An Investigation of Some Key Variables," International Organization 55:1 (2001): 183-208.

Barbara Schmitter Heisler, Department of Sociology and Anthropology

Barbara Schmitter Heisler, "Trapped in the Consociational Cage: Trade Unions and Immigration in Switzerland," in Trade Unions, Immigration, and Immigrants in Europe 1960-1993: A Comparative Study of the Attitudes and Actions of Trade Unions in Seven West European Socities, in 1 (Berghahn Books).

Julia A. Hendon, Department of Sociology and Anthropology

Julia A. Hendon and Rosemary A. Joyce, "Heterarchy, History, and Material Reality: "Communities" in Late Classic Honduras," in The Archaeology of Communities: A New World Perspective, ed. M.A. Canuto and J. Yaeger (London: Routledge P, 2000), 143-160.

Julia A. Hendon, "Round Structures, Household Identity, and Public Performance in Preclassic Maya Society," Journal Title: Latin American Antiquity 11:3 (2000): 200-301.

John Jones, Department of Music

John Jones, "Collegiate Wind Band Musicianship: Effects of Using and Rhythm Patterns in Rehearsal," Bulletin of Research in Music Education 25 (2000): 19-33.

Brooks A. Kaiser, Department of Economics

Brooks A. Kaiser and James A. Roumasset, "Water Management and the Valuation of Indirect Environmental Services," Interdisciplinary Environmental
2:2 (2000)102-122.

Robert Knight, Department of English

Robert Knight, "The Beautiful Mongrel," History Magazine (December/January
2002): 34-40.

Robert Knight, "Politics," Mass Media in 2025, ed. Brown H. Carpenter and Erwin K. Thomas (Greenwood Press, 2001).


Fred Leebron, Department of English

Fred Leebron, "That Winter," in The O. Henry Awards 2001 Prize Stories (Anchor Books, a Division of Random House, Inc, 2001): 106-116.

Fred Leebron, "We Are not Friends," Tin House 6: 56-60.

Fred Leebron, "When It's You," in The 2001 Pushcart Prize XXV: Best of the
Small Presses
(New York: Pushcart Press, 2001): 459-465.

Fred Leebron, Six Figures, (New York: Harvest, 2001).

Laurence Marschall, Department of Physics

Laurence Marschall, "The Story of P: Phosphorus is the Protagonist in an Elemental Drama of Fire and Destruction," The Sciences 44 (January/February 2001).

Robert Natter, Department of Music

Robert Natter, "Global Voices in Song: A College-Public School Partnership,"
Choral Journal 41:8 (March 2001): 23-27.

Thane Pittman, Department of Psychology

Thane Pittman and Orit E. Tykocinski, "Product Aversion Following a Missed Opportunity: Price Contrast or Avoidance of Anticipated Regret?" Basic and Applied Social Psychology 23:3: 149-156.

Thane Pittman, Harold G. Evans and William E. Rosenbach, "Followers for the Times: Engaging Employees in a Winning Partnership," in Contemporary Issues in Leadership, 5th Edition, ed. W.E. Rosenbach & R.L. Taylor (Boulder, CO: Westview Press, 2001).

Karen Pollard, Department of Physics

Karen Pollard and Tom Lloyd Evans, "An Unusual Carbon-Rich RV Tauri Star
in the Large Magellanic Cloud," The Astronomical Journal.120 (2000): 3098-3101.

Janelle Pool, Department of Education

Janelle Pool and Jean Ketter, "Exploring the Impact of a High-Stakes Direct Writing Assessment in Two High School Classrooms," Research in the Teaching of English 35:3 (February 2001): 344-393.

Janelle Pool and Doug Davis and Michelle Mits-Cash, "Issues in Inplementing a New Teacher Assessment System in a Large Urban Scool District: Results of a Qualitative Field Study," Journal of Personnel Evaluation in Education 14:4 (2000): 285-306.

Janelle Pool, Charmaine Carey-Lewis, Chad D. Ellett and Salvatore Schiavone, "How Valid are the National Board of Professional Teaching Standards Assessments for Predicting the Quality of Actual Classroom Teaching and Learning? Results of Six Mini Case Studies," Journal of Personnel Evaluation in Education 15:1 (2001): 31-48.

Lisa Portmess, Department of Philosophy

Lisa Portmess and Kerry Walters, ed., Religious Vegetarianism: from Hesiod to the Dalai Lama (State University of New York Press, 2001).

Jean L. Potuchek, Department of Sociology and Anthropology

Jean Potuchek, "The New Gender Scholarship: Recent Books on Gender and Parenting," Sociological Forum 16:2 (June 2001): 361-372.

Janet Powers, Department of Women's Studies

Janet Powers, "Enlightenment for Miyako," Mediphors: A Literature Journal of the
Health Professions
15 (2001): 62.

Janet Powers, "Time of Too Much Thinking," Antietam Review, XXI 53 (2001).

Janet Powers, "Zeffirelli's Clown," Footprints (2002).

Kathryn Rhett, Department of English

Kathryn Rhett, "Embarcadero," Crazy Horse 60 (Spring 2001): 11-12.

Kathryn Rhett, "Proofreader," Crazy Horse 60 (Spring 2001): 13.

Kathryn Rhett, "Friendship," Real Simple (May 2000): 16, 62-64.

Kathryn Rhett, "Seat of the Soul," Real Simple (September 2000): 91,

Kathryn Rhett, "The Travelers," The Massachusetts Review 92:2 (Fall 2001).

Michael Ritterson, Department of German

Michael Ritterson, The Odin Field: A Story, a translation of Das Odfeld by Wilhelm Raabe (Rochester, New York: Camden House, 2001).

Marta Robertson, Department of Music

Marta Robertson and Robin Armstrong, Aaron Copland: A Guide to Research (New York and London: Garland Publishing, 2000) Composer Resource Manuals Series.

John Ryan, Department of English

John Ryan, "John Sayles and Me," CWRU Magazine, The Final Exam section 13:2 (2001): personal essay page.

Virginia Schein, Department of Management

Virginia Schein, "A Global Look at Psychological Barriers to Women's Progress in Management," Journal of Social Issues. Special Issue on Gender, Hierarchies, and Leadership 57:4 (2001): 675-688.

Timothy Shannon, Department of History

Timothy Shannon. "Mahalia Jackson." Women Building Chicago 1790-1990: A Biographical Dictionary. Ed. Rima Lunin Schultz and Adele Hast. Indiana University Press, 2001. 433-435.

Carolyn Snively, Department of Classics

Carolyn Snively, "Invisible in the Community? The Evidence for Early Women's Monasticism in the Southern Balkan Peninsula," Shaping Community: The Art and Archaeology of Monasticism, ed. Sheila McNally (BAR International Series 941, 2001): 57-64.

Carolyn Snively and Kiril Trajkovski, "Rock-cut Features at Gradiste, Konjuh, R. Macedonia," in Stone and Megalithic Monuments: Problems and Paths for Their Resolution (Sofia: New Bulgarian University, 2001).

Sharon Stephenson Department of Physics

Sharon Stephenson and Bret Crawford, "Parity Violation in Neutron Resonances
of Sn," Physical Review C, 64 (2001): 015502.

Sharon Stephenson and Bret Crawford, "Parity Violation in Neutron Resonances
of Antimony and Iodine," Physical Review C, 64 (2001): 015501, 2001.

Eileen Stillwaggon, Department of Economics

Eileen Stillwaggon, "HIV Transmission in Latin America: Comparison with Africa and Policy Implications," The South African Journal of Economics. Die Suid-Afrikaanse Tydskrif vir Ekonomie. Special Edition- Spesiale Uitgawe 68:5 (December 2000): 985-1011.

Eileen Stillwaggon, "HIV/AIDS and Hunger in Sub-Saharan Africa," Hunger, the Annual Report of Bread for the World Institute, 2001: 98.

Peter Stitt, Department of English

Peter Stitt, "A Boy, A Girl, Then and Now," Editor's Pages. The
Gettysburg Review
14:1 (Spring 2001): 7-15.

Peter Stitt, "An Apology, an Explanation, and a Promise," Editor's Pages. The Gettysburg Review 14:3 (Autumn 2001): 359-362.

Amelia Trevelyan, Department of Visual Arts

Amelia Trevelyan. The Art of Mary Beth Edelson.

Miguel Vinuela, Department of Spanish

Miguel Vinuela, "La Ambiguedad del Genero en Luna de Miel, Luna de Hiel, y Los Trabajos de Urbano y Simona de Perez de Ayala," Romance Notes 41:1 (2000): 113-120.

Elizabeth Viti, Department of French

Elizabeth Richardson Viti, "Passion simple and Madame, c'est à vous que j'écris: "That's MY Desire."" Studies in 20th Century Literature 25:2 (Summer 2001): 458-476.

Kerry Walters, Department of Philosophy

Kerry Walters and Lisa Portmess, Religious Vegetarianism: from Hesiod to the Dalai Lama (State University of New York Press, 2001).

Kerry Walters, Practicing Presence: the spirituality of caring in everyday life. (Franklin, Wis.: Sheed & Ward, 2001).

Kerry Walters, Growing God : a guide for spiritual gardeners (New York, N.Y.: Paulist Press, 2001).


Charles Weise, Department of Economics

Charles Weise and John F. Boschen, "Is Delayed Deflation More Costly?" Southern Economic Journal 67:3 (2001): 701-712.

Charles Weise and John F. Boschen, "The Ex Ante Credibility of Disinflation Policy and the Cost of Reducing Inflation," Journal of Macroeconomics 23:3 (2001): 323-347.

Janelle Wertzberger, Musselman Library

Janelle Wertzberger and Katherine Furlong, "Photomicrographs, the NPR 100, and Student Teaching; Library liaison ideas that really work," College & Research Libraries News 62:10 (2001): 1004-1006,1020.

Mark Wessinger, Department of Psychology

Mark C. Wessinger, Jennifer James Pekar, Josef P. Rauschecker, Biao Tian, Jennifer Van Lare and John Vanmeter, "Hierarchical Organization of Human Auditory Cortex Revealed by Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging," Journal of Cognitive Neuroscience 13:1 (2001): 1-7.

Katharine Whitcomb, Department of English

Katharine Whitcomb, Saints of South Dakota & Other Poems (Bluestem Press, 2001).

Charles Zabrowski, Department of Classics

Charles Zabrowski, "Towards the Solution of a Minor Mystery: Where the Influential Edition of Aeschylus by Piero Vettori Was Published and Why It Took So Long," Manuscripta: A Journal of Manuscript Studies 41:3 (2001): 185-192.
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