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2003 Reception

2003 Publications of Gettysburg College Faculty and Staff

Reception was co-sponsored by Musselman Library and the Office of the Provost Monday, February 9th, 2004 from 4:30 to 6:30 pm Musselman Library, Apse, Main Floor

Matthew H. Amster
Department of Anthropology/Sociology

Matthew H. Amster, "New Sacred Lands: The Making of a Christian Prayer Mountain in Highland Borneo." Sacred Places and "Modern" Landscapes: Sacred Geography and Social-Religious Transformations in South and Southeast Asia Ed. R. Lukens-Bull (Southeast Asian Studies Monograph Series, Arizona State University, 2003)..

"This chapter examines the emergence of a prayer mountain in the interior of Borneo and the local contestations of religious values, politics and power that occur in the context of pilgrimages to this new "sacred" site."

Matthew H. Amster, "Gender Complementarity and Death among the Kelabit." Journeys of the Soul: Anthropological Studies of Death, Burial, and Reburial Practices in Borneo Ed. W.D. Wilder (Borneo Research Council Monograph Series, 2003): 251-307.

"This chapter offers an ethnohistorical reconstruction of gendered dimensions of Kelabit ritual, and particularly mortuary ritual, among the Kelabit. It draws particular attention to the concept of "bad death" and the ways in which gender served as the basis of a complementary ritual spheres prior to Christian conversion."

Martha E. Arterberry
Department of Psychology

Martha E. Arterberry Martha Arterberry and Marc H. Bornstein, "Variability and Its Sources in Infant Categorization." Infant Behavior and Development 25 (2002): 515-528.

Marc H. Bornstein and Martha Arterberry, "Recognition, Discrimination, and Categorization of Smiling by 5-Month-Old Infants." Developmental Science 6 (2003): 585-599.

"This paper presents a study addressing whether infants treat different intensities of smiling (like a big grin and a small smirk) as the same type of expression and whether they differentiate these smiles from another expression like fear. We found that they treat different smiles as similar and they can tell smiles are different from fearful expressions, even when the expressions are modeled by different people."

Bela Bajnok
Department of Mathematics

Bela Bajnok and I. Ruazsa, "The Independence Number of a Subset of an Abelian Group." Integers 3 (2003): A2, 23.

Michael Birkner
Department of History

Michael Birkner Michael J. Birkner, "1856." American Presidential Campaigns and Elections (Armonk, NY: Sharpe Reference, 2002).

Michael J. Birkner, "1956." American Presidential Campaigns and Elections (Armonk, NY: Sharpe Reference, 2002).

Michael J. Birkner, "'He's My Man': Sherman Adams and New Hampshire's Role in the Draft Eisenhower Movement." Historical New Hampshire 58: (2003): 5-25.

Michael J. Birkner, Eisenhower's Legacy (Washington, DC: Eisenhower Memorial Commission, 2003).

Michael J. Birkner, "Elder Statesman: Herbert Hoover and His Successors." Uncommon Americans: The Lives and Legacies of Herbert and Lou Henry Hoover Ed. Timothy Walch (Westport, CT: Praeger Publishers, 2003): 237-246.

Michael J. Birkner, "A Soldier Eyes the White House." Sunday Monditor (Concord, NH), September 21, 2003.

Philip Bobko
Department of Management

Philip Bobko, P. Roth and A. Huffcutt, "Ethnic Group Differences in Measures of Job Performance: a New Meta-Analysis." Journal of Applied Psychology 88 (2003): 694-706.

Philip Bobko and P. Roth, "Meta-analysis and Validity Generalization as Research Tools: Issues of Sample Bias and Degrees of Mis-specification." Validity Generalization: A Critical Review Ed. K. Murphy (Lawrence Erlbaum Associates Press, 2003).

Gabor S. Boritt
Department of History

Gabor S. Boritt Gabor S. Boritt, "Es Elerkezett a Haboru?" ("And the War Came?") AETAS (2001-2002): 199-215.

Robert F. Bornstein
Department of Psychology

"Healthy Dependency" cover Robert F. Bornstein and Mary A. Languirand, Healthy Dependency (Newmarket Press, 2003).

Robert F. Bornstein, "Psychodynamic Models of Personality." Comprehensive Handbook of Psychology (New York: John Wiley & Sons, 2003).

Robert F. Bornstein, Kimberly J. Geiselman ('02), Jason A. Creighton ('02), Melissa A. West ('01), Heather A. Gallagher ('03), and Elizabeth A. Eisenhart ('02), "Construct Validity of the Relationship Profile Test: A Self-Report Measure of Dependency-Detachment." Journal of Personality Assessment 80 (2003): 64-74.

Robert F. Bornstein, "Behaviorally Referenced Experimentation and Symptom Validation: A Paradigm for 21st Century Personality Disorder Research." Journal of Personality Disorders 17 (2003): 1-18.

Robert F. Bornstein, "Consciousness Organizes More than Itself: Findings from Subliminal Mere Exposure Research." Behavioral and Brain Sciences 25 (2003): 332-333.

Robert F. Bornstein, "Projective Assessment of Interpersonal Dependency." Comprehensive Handbook of Psychological Assessment Ed. M. Herson, D.L. Segal, and M.J. Hilsenroth (Wiley 2003).

Robert F. Bornstein, "The Dependent Personality." Adult Psychopathology Case Studies Ed. I.B. Weiner (Wiley 2003).

William D. Bowman
Department of History

"Pietas Austriaca" cover William D. Bowman, Pietas Austriaca (West Lafayette, IN: Purdue University Press, 2003).

"Anna Coreth's Pietas Austriaca was a groundbreaking work on the relationship of religious culture to politics in the House of Habsburg. It covers a long chronological period: from the late medieval period until the early twentieth century. The book's central argument is that Catholic religious attitudes and practices were crucial to the Habsburgs' political practices. For this translation, which involved working with German, old German, and Latin texts, I also wrote a critical introduction, provided a set of translator's notes, and constructed two bibliograpies--one based on the original author's footnotes and another from contemporary sources on the topic."

(the cover art depicted is a working draft and therefore incomplete.)

Sally Mayall Brasher
Department of History

"Women of the Humiliati: A Lay Religious Order in Medieval Civic Life" coverSally Mayall Brasher, Women of the Humiliati: A Lay Religious Order in Medieval Civic Life (New York: Routledge, 2003).

"This book is one in a series of studies on medieval history and culture edited by Francis Gentry. It is the culmination of several years of original research in the state archive system of northern Italy into women's participation in the Humiliati, a lay religious order who were active in the urban economy and urban society in the thirteenth through fifteenth centuries."

Dan W. Butin
Department of Education

Dan W. Butin, "The Impact of Virginia's Accountability Plan on High School English Departments." Educational Leadership in the Age of Accountability Ed. Daniel L. Duke (Albany, NY: SUNY Press).

Dan W. Butin, "Of What Use Is It: Multiple Conceptualizations of Service-Learning in Education." Teachers College Record 105 (2003): 1674-1692.

Michael P. Cantele and Kerry L. McKnight
Department of Athletics

Michael P. Cantele and Kerry L. McKnight, "Roadmapping Your Medical Kit." News Magazine of the National Athletic Trainers' Association (2003): 39-40.

David L. Crowner
Department of German

"The Spirituality of the German Awakening" coverDavid L. Crowner and Gerald Christianson, The Spirituality of the German Awakening (Paulist Press 2003).

"The Spirituality of the German Awakening" is edited, translated and introduced by David Crowner and Gerald Christianson, Professor of Church History at Gettysburg Lutheran Seminary. At the heart of the volume are speeches, reports, sermons, essays and poetry by four leaders of the early 19th century Awakening in Germany: August Tholuck, Theodor Fliedner, Johann Hinrich Wichern, and Friedrich von Bodelschwingh. Most of the writings appear here in English for the first time. The book is published in the Paulist Press series, "Classics of Western Spirituality."

Nancy K. Cushing-Daniels
Department of Spanish

"Breaking Boundaries, Forging Friendship" coverNancy K. Cushing-Daniels, Breaking Boundaries, Forging Friendship: The Convent and Women's Writing in Seventeenth-Century Spain, (University Press of the South, 2002).

Pastor Joseph A. Donnella II

Pastor Joseph A. Donnella II, "Reflections on the Renewal of Worship." Lutheran Partners Magazine (May/June 2003).

Eric S. Egge
Department of Mathematics

Eric S. Egge and Toufik Mansour, "Permutations Which Avoid 1243 and 2143, Continued Fractions, and Chebyshev Polynomials." Electronic Journal of Combinatorics 9: #R7.

Eric S. Egge, "A Weight-Preserving Bijection Between Schroder Paths and Schroder Permutations." Annals of Combinatorics, 6 (2002): 235-248

Eric S. Egge and Darla J. Kremer, "A Schröder Generalization of Haglund's Statistic on Catalan Paths." Journal of Combinatorics 10 (2003): #R16.

Charles F. Emmons
Department of Anthropology/Sociology

Charles F. EmmonsCharles F. Emmons, "The Spiritualist Movement: Bringing the Dead Back" and "Ghosts: The Dead Among Us." Handbook of Death and Dying Ed. Clifton D. Byrant (Sage Publications, 2003): 57-64, 87-95.

""The Spiritualist Movement" examines the radical roots and social functions of Spiritualism as seen by scientific debunkers, social scientists, parapsychologists, and spiritualists. "Ghosts: The Dead Among Us" frames ghosts in terms of normal science, parapsychology, a comparative cultural perspective, folklore and
collective behavior, mass media and popular culture, and as literary device."

Kristen M. Eyssell
Department of Psychology

Kristen M. Eyssell, "'I Couldn't Have Seen it Coming': The Impact of Negative Self-Relevant Outcomes on Retrospections about Forseeability." Memory 11 (2003): 443-454.

Ann H. Fender
Department of Economics

Ann H. Fender, "Monopoly," "Health Maintenance Organizations," "Early Blast Furnaces," and "Coffee." Dictionary of American History (Charles Scribner and Sons, 2003).

Ann H. Fender, "Lotteries," "Poultry," and "Smuggling." The Oxford Encyclopedia of Economic History Ed. Joel Mokyr (Oxford Press, 2003).

Peter Fong
Department of Biology

Peter F. Fong, Caroline Philbert ('00), and Brian Roberts ('00), "Putative Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitor-Induced Spawning and Parturition in Freshwater Bivalves is Inhibited by Mammalian Serotonin-2 Receptor Antagonists." Journal of Experimental Zoology 298A (2003): 67-72.

Daniel R. Gilbert, Jr.
Department of Management

Daniel R. Gilbert, Jr.Daniel R. Gilbert, Jr., "The Expanding Significance of One Acre." The Journal of Management Education 27: 2 (2003): 236-245.

"This article is about a writing assignment that I have created for a senior seminar."

Daniel R. Gilbert, Jr., "Propaganda, Trusteeship, and Artifact: Locating a New Place for the Management Textbook." The Journal of Management Education 27: 6 (2003): 730-733.

"This article shows a contrast between uncritical teaching about management and teaching about management as a privileged perspective that has become entrenched. The article draws on course materials that I have used at Gettysburg College."

Nathalie Goubet
Department of Psychology

Nathalie Goubet, C. Rattaz, A. Bullinger, V. Pierrat, and P. Lequien, "Olfactory Experience Mediates Response to Pain in Preterm Newborns." Developmental Psychobiology 42 (2003): 171-180.

Sharon Davis Gratto
Department of Music

Sharon Davis Gratto, The Choral Warm-Up Collection Ed. Sally K. Albrecht (Alfred Publishing Co., 2003).

Jennifer L. Hansen
Department of Philosophy

Jennifer L. Hansen, "The Impossibility of Female Mourning." Imagination and Its Pathologies Ed. James Phillips and James Morely (MIT Press, 2002).

Jennifer L. Hansen and Ann Cahill, Continental Feminism Reader (Lanham, MD: Rowan and Littlefield Publishers, 2003).

"This is an anthology of recent Continental Feminist work. Ann and I have also written an extensive introduction, and summaries of each author's work. We designed this book to be accesible to the undergraduate and graduate level."

Jennifer L. Hansen, "Listening to People or Listening to Prozac? Another Consideration of Causal Classifications." Philosophy, Psychiatry, and Psychology 10 (2003): 57-62.

"This article is a commentary on Jennifer Radden's piece "Is This Dame Melancholy? Equating Today's Depression and Past Melancholia." Radden argues that the methodology of psychiatric nosology should be and is descriptivism. Because descriptivism is the method of psychiatric nosology, Radden argues that one cannot consider historical diagnoses of melancholia to be the same disorder as clinical depression. In my piece, however, I argue that we ought to reconsider finding underlying causes to psychiatric disorders (even if those causes are not necessarily biological in nature). Causall classifications allow us to find patterns and similarities cross-culturally, and may lead us to ask important questions about the socio-political context in which we find illnesses such as depression."

Caroline A. Hartzell
Department of Political Science

Caroline A. Hartzell and Matthew Hoddie, "Institutionalizing Peace: Power Sharing and Post-Civil War Conflict Management." American Journal of Political Science 47 (2003): 318-332.

Caroline A. Hartzell and Matthew Hoddie, "Civil War Settlements and the Implementation of Military Power-Sharing Agreements" Journal of Peace Research 40 (2003): 303-320.

Barbara Schmitter Heisler
Department of Anthropology/Sociology

Barbara Schmitter Heisler, "The Sociology of Immigration: From Assimilation to Segmented Integration, from the American Experience to the Global Arena." Migration, Globalization, and Ethnic Relations: An Interdisciplinary Approach Ed Mohsen Mobasher and Mahmoud Sadri (Prentice Hall, 2004): 307-320.

"This [chapter] is a reprint of an article that was first published 2000 in an anthology about different disciplinary approaches to th study of international migrati1on. It critically outlines the sociological approach."

Julia A. Hendon
Department of Anthropology/Sociology

"Mesoamerican Archaeology: Theory and Practice" coverJulia A. Hendon, "Postclassic and Colonial Period Sources of Maya Society and History." Mesoamerican Archaeology: Theory and Practice Ed. Julia A. Hendon and Rosemary A. Joyce (Malden, MA: Blackwell Publishing, 2004): 296-322.

"Mesoamerican Archaeology, which I co-edited, is the first book in the series, Blackwell Studies in Global Archaeology. Intended as an alternative to traditional textbooks or readers containing reprinted articles, Mesoamerican Archaeology contains specially commissioned essays by leading archaeologists working in Mexico and Central America. The chapters focus on key time periods, sites, and the issues these times and places require us to confront, placing the reader in the middle of contemporary debates. In addition to being the co-editor, I wrote Chapter 12."

Julia A. Hendon, "Feasting at Home: Community and House Solidarity Among the Maya of Southeastern Mesoamerica." The Archaeology and Politics of Food and Feasting in Early States and Empires Ed. Tamara L. Bray (New York: Kluwer Academic/Plenum Publishers, 2003): 203-233.

"The article discusses the role that important social events revolving around the consumption of food and drink (feasts) played among the Maya elite of Mexico and Central American during the 6th-9th centuries A.D. Drawing on archaeological evidence from Copan, Honduras, I argue that these events were a form of competitive generosity through which social identity and status were negotiated and reaffirmed."

Julia HendonJulia Hendon, "El papel de los enterramientos en la construcción y negociación de la identidad social en los mayas prehispánicos." Anthropología de la eternidad: la muerte en la cultura may. (Sociedad Española de Estudios Mayas and Centro de Estudios Mayas, Instituto de Investigaciones Filológicas, Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México, 2003): 161- 174.

"In this [chapter], I consider the meaning of Maya burial practices as reflective of decisions and beliefs of the living. In this sense, I reverse the usual archaeological preoccupation with burials as indicators of the status and significance of the person buried. Reviewing burial practices in the Maya area in this light, I argue that the living used burials as a way to create a social landscape informed by knowledge of past and present."

Ted Hillson
Department of Campus Recreation

Edward Hillson and Elizabeth X. Kligge ('01), Tae Kwon Do Classic Forms 21 Hyung - Novice White Belt through Advanced Black Belt (Double Dagger Press, 2003).

"Forms are the central curriculum of Tae Kwon Do. This book is designed as a manual for the practitioner to develop a repertoire of effective techniques to battle multiple opponents by depicting and explaining the classic choreographies."

Florence Ramond Jurney
Department of French

Florence Ramond Jurney, "Voix sexualisée au féminin dans Moi, Tituba sorcière de Maryse Condé. " The French Review 76: 6 (2003): 1161-1171.

"This article focuses on Caribbean female characters whose identity is voiced through their expression of sexuality."

Florence Ramond Jurney, "Exile and Relation to the Mother/Land in Edwidge Danticat's Breath Eyes Memory and The Farming of Bones." Revista/Review InterAmericana 31 (2003).

"This article studies the problematics of exile in Haitian-American author Edwidge Danticat¿s first two novels."

Yoshimitsu Khan
Department of Japanese Studies

Yoshimitsu Khan, "The Development of Family Statism in Meiji Japan." Virginia Review of Asian Studies 4 (2002).

Robert M. Knight
Department of English

"A Journalistic Approach to Good Writing: The Craft of Clarity" coverRobert M. Knight, A Journalistic Approach to Good Writing: The Craft of Clarity 2nd ed. (Ames, Iowa: Iowa State Press, 2003).

"This second edition, broader and deeper than the first, presents the fundamentals of writing in what the author hopes is an easy, engaging, often-humorous style. Aimed at journalism and nonfiction writing students, the book offers a practical skills-based approach to good, honest communication. Readers can use the rules of journalistic writing as a skills base for any kind of communication, from poetry to office memos, writing honestly, clearly and directly to their audience."

Elizabeth Lambert
Department of English

"Edmund Burke of Beaconsfield" coverElizabeth R. Lambert, Edmund Burke of Beaconsfield (University of Delaware Press, 2003).

"Based on unpublished manuscripts, public records as well as contemporary diaries and letters, this study details the domestic life and private friendships of British statesman Edmund Burke (1729-1797).While the events of Burke's public life and his political theories are familiar to many, the private and domestic Burke is not."

Laurence A. Marschall
Department of Physics

Laurence A. Marschall Laurence A. Marschall, "Radial Velocity Survey of Members and Candidate Members of the TW Hydrae Association." The Astronomical Journal 125 (2003): 825-842.

"A study of a nearby star group where young stars may be forming. Several new binary stars are discovered, and velocity measurements of the stars indicate which stars are actually in the group, and which are just stars in the foreground and background."

Laurence A. Marschall and Alaine Duffy ('01), "Optical Photometry and X-Ray Monitoring of the 'Cool Algol' BD+05°706: Determination of the Physical Properties" Astronomical Journal 125 (2003): 3237.

"The paper is based on extensive observations using the electronic camera and telescope at Gettysburg College Observatory."

Laurence A. Marschall, "Big Glass on Silicon Chip: The CLEA Project in the 21st Century" The Future of Small Telescopes in the New Millenium I: Perceptions, Productivity, and Priorities Ed. Terry Oswalt (Kluwater Academic Publications, 2003).

Laurence A. Marschall, "The National Undergraduate Research Observatory" The Future of Small Telescopes in the New Millenium II: The Telescopes We Use Ed. Terry Oswalt (Kluwater Academic Publications, 2003).

Kerry L. McKnight and Michael P. Cantele
Department of Athletics

Kerry L. McKnight and Michael P. Cantele, "Roadmapping Your Medical Kit." News Magazine of the National Athletic Trainers' Association (2003): 39-40.

Kurt A. Mills
Department of Political Science

Kurt A. Mills, "Refugee Return from Zaire to Rwanda: The Role of UNHCR." War and Peace in Zaire/Congo: Analyzing and Evaluating Intervention Ed. Howard Adelman and Govind C. Rao (Trenton, NJ: Africa World Press/ The Red Sea Press, 2003).

"Looks at the role of the UN High Commissioner for Refugees during the refugee crisis in Eastern Zaire after the Rwandan genocide. Examines how international organizations can play a significant role in complex humanitarian crises in the midst of conflict while also being marginalized and manipulated by a variety of state and non-state actors."

Kurt A. Mills, "Using the Bush Doctrine as a Teaching Tool." International Studies Perspectives 4 (2003).

"Discusses the pedagogical uses of President Bush's 2002 National Security Strategy of the United States."

Todd Neller
Department of Computer Science

Todd Neller with Ingrid Russell. "Implementing the Intelligent Systems Knowledge Units of Computing Curricula 2001," Proceedings of Frontiers in Education Conference, (Boulder, Colorado, November 5-8, 2003, IEEE Press).

Todd Neller with David C. Hettlinger ¿04. "Learning Annealing Schedules for Channel Routing," H. Proceedings of the International Conference on VLSI, eds. R. Arabnia and L. T. Yang. (Las Vegas, Nevada, June 23-26, 2003, pp. 298-302), Computer Science Research, Education, & Applications (CSREA) Press, (Las Vegas, 2003).

Todd Neller with Amy J. Kerr ¿03, Christopher J. La Pilla ¿04, and Michael D. Schompert ¿03. "Java Resources for Teaching Reinforcement Learning", Proceedings of the International Conference on Parallel and Distributed Processing Techiniques and Applications (PDPTA ¿03) eds. H. R. Arabnia and Y. Mun (Las Vegas, Nevada, June 23-26, 2003, pp. 1497-1501) Computer Science Research, Education, & Applications (CSREA) Press (Las Vegas, 2003).

Kerri Odess-Harnish
Musselman Library

Kerri Odess-HarnishKerri Odess-Harnish, "Making Sense of Leased Popular Literature Collections." Collection Management 27: 2 (2002): 55-74.

"This study describes a survey of 22 academic libraries throughout the country that use a leased popular literature collection in addition to or instead of purchasing popular literature titles for their permanent collection. The study was designed to answer the following research questions and others: Why do academic libraries choose to use a leasing plan to provide a popular literature collection for their users? What are the values/benefits these collections provide for the library and its users?"

David Petrie
Department of Health Science

Kristen Stuempfle and David F. Petrie, "Body Composition Relates Poorly to Performance Tests in NCAA Division III Football Players" Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research 17 (2003): 238-244.

Janet M. Powers
Department of Women Studies

Janet M. PowersJanet M. Powers, "Women and Peace Dialogue in the Middle East." Peace Review 15 (2003): 25-31.

Janet M. Powers, "Raja Rao" South Asian Novelists in English: An A-Z Guide Ed. Jaina C. Sanga (Westport, CT: Greenwood Press, 2003): 212-217.

"An entry in a useful reference source for South Asian literature, this article is a brief survey of the work of Raja Rao, a philosophically complex Indian writer on whom I wrote my doctoral dissertation."

Janet M. Powers, "Polyphonic Voices in Nayantara Sahgal's Rich Like Us." South Asia Review 24 (2003): 106-119.

Janet M. Powers, In Support of Palestinian Women - Phase One - Report to UNESCO (Paris: United Nations, 2003).

"This report was completed during the summer of 2003 and serves as the research phase of a project supporting the human rights of Palestinian women. The report has been translated into French and Arabic as the basis for Phase Two of the project, funded for 2004."

Michael L. Ritterson
Department of German

Michael L. Ritterson, "The Lessing Society and Lessing Yearbook." The East- Central Intelligencer 17 (2003): 25-27.

Alicia Rolón
Department of Spanish

Alicia RolónAlicia Rolón, " Modos de reflexión y resistencia: Las (auto) biografías ficticias en la narrativa argentina contemporánea." Memorias y olvidos: Autos y Biografías en la cultura hispánica Ed. J. Pérez Magallón, R. de la Fuente and K. M. Sibbald (2003): 325-335.

Susan Russell
Department of Theater Arts

Susan Russell, "Masculinity Staged: Gender in Fascist and Anti-Fascist German Theater." Journal of Dramatic Theory and Criticism 17: 1 (Fall 2002): 87-106.

"This article looks at two German plays, both first performed in 1933, one fascist (Schlageter) and one anti-fascist (The Races). Both plays are important historically since SCHLAGETER is considered the first successful fascist drama produced in the Third Reich, and THE RACES, performed in exile in Zurich, was the first major literary work protesting German fascism to be produced. In both, the protagonist undergoes a conversion process to the respective ideological ideal. I argue, using contemporary critical and psychoanalytic (object relations)theories, that crucial to these opposite "conversions" in the plays is a commitment to traditional patriarchal gender roles and the designation of "proper" male or female behavior."

Susan Russell, "Holocaust History as Postmodern Performance: The Next Generation's "Post-Memories." Etudes Theatrales/Essays in Theatre 19:2 (2003): 127-139.

Virginia E. Schein
Department of Management

Virginia E. Schein, "The Functions of Work-Related Group Participation for Poor Women in Developing Countries: An Exploratory Look." Psychology and Developing Societies 15:2 (2003).

"The research examined the attitudes of poor women in Nicaragua towards various aspects of group membership and self reported attitudinal and behavior changes that occurred as a result of group participation. Fifty seven women from eight different work-related groups participated in on-site group interviews. The work groups included two unions, two worker's cooperatives,one income generating farm group, one community group, one micro enterprise development group and one group of factory workers. Categories reflective of the meaning of group membership included being no longer marginalized, social and emotional support,development of group and organizing skills, tecnical skills, and an awareness of women's rights."

Timothy Shannon
Department of History

"Atlantic Lives: A Comparative Approach to Early America" coverTimothy Shannon, Atlantic Lives: A Comparative Approach to Early America. (New York: Pearson Longman, 2003).

"This book is an outgrowth of my teaching in History 106: The Atlantic World. It offers an introduction to Atlantic History with selected readings from first-person narratives originating in Africa, Europe, and the Americas, c. 1450-1850."

William Solomon
Department of English

William Solomon, "Secret Integrations: Black Humor and the Critique of Whiteness." Modern Fiction Studies 49 (2003): 469-495.

Deborah A. Sommer
Department of Religion

Deborah A. SommerDeborah A. Sommer, "Ritual and Sacrifice in Early Confucianism: Contacts with the Spirit World." Confucian Spirituality Ed. Tu Weiming and Mary Evelyn Tucker Vol. 1 (New York: The Crossroad Publishing Company, 2003): 197-219.

Deborah A. Sommer, Over 80 entries in Encyclopedia of Confucianism Ed. Xinzhong Yao (New York: Routledge Curzon, 2003).

Charles Stangor
Department of Psychology

Charles StangorCharles Stangor, Social Groups in Action and Interaction (New York: Psychology Press, 2004).

"[This is a] textbook on basic group processes."

Charles Stangor. Using SPSS for Windows, Third Edition (Boston: Houghton Mifflin, 2004).

Eileen M. Stillwaggon
Department of Economics

Eileen M. Stillwaggon, "Mainstreaming HIV/AIDS through Workplace Intervention." Bureau of International Labor Affairs Research Symposium Papers, Volume 2: HIV/AIDS and the Workplace in Developing Countries Ed. William T. Kosanovich (Washington, DC: Bureau of International Labor Affairs, 2003).

"This work evaluates the advantages and disadvantages of using the workplace in a national program to reduce HIV transmission and to mitigate the impact of HIV and AIDS on the nation's well-being. While the workplace is a pragmatic choice and a convenient venue for health promotion, including HIV prevention, its use raises serious political, philosophical, and practical problems that are addressed in this paper."

Eileen M. Stillwaggon, "AIDS and Poverty in Africa." The Sexuality and Society Reader Ed. Stombler et al. (Allyn and Bacon, 2003).

"This article critiques the reigning paradigm that attributes differences in HIV prevalence almost exclusively to differences in sexual behavior. The failure of social science to incorporate biomedical data into the analysis of HIV and AIDS has led to narrow policy prescriptions that have failed to stem the spread of HIV epidemics in poor populations."

Eileen M. Stillwaggon, "Racial Metaphors: Interpreting Sex and AIDS in Africa." Development and Change 34:5 (2003): 809-832.

"This article demonstrates that western preconceptions regarding African sexuality distorted early research on the social context of AIDS in Africa and limited the scope of preventive policies. Africans are portrayed in much of the AIDS discourse as the social 'Other' in works marked by sweeping generalizations and innuendo, rather than useful comparative data on sexual behavior."

Kristin Stuempfle
Department of Health Sciences

Kristin J. Stuempfle, "Hyponatremia in a Cold Weather Ultraendurance Race." Alaska Medicine 44: 3 (2002): 51-55; 62.

"In this project, we assessed the incidence and etiology of hyponatremia (low blood sodium) in the Susitna 100. The Susitna 100 is a 100 mile ultradistance race that takes place in the Alaskan wilderness each February. Athletes compete on the same snow-packed trail in one of four divisions: foot, bike, cross country ski, or snow shoe."

Kristin J. Stuempfle, "Change in Serum Sodium Concentration during a Cold Weather Ultradistance Race" Clinical Journal of Sport Medicine 13 (2003): 171- 175 .

Kristen Stuempfle and David F. Petrie, "Body Composition Relates Poorly to Performance Tests in NCAA Division III Football Players" Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research 17 (2003): 238-244.

Isabel Valiela
Department of Spanish

"Latino and Latina Writers" coverIsabel Valiela, "Tomas Rivera 1935-1984." Latino and Latina Writers Ed. Alan West-Durán (Farmington Hills, MI: Charles Scribner's Sons, 2003).

"This anthology of Latino and Latina writers is a collection of extensive essays on their lives and works, providing an analysis of their work and relevant bibliography for those who wish to do further studies on these authors. Each chapter in this extensive anthology is dedicated to a particular author. I submitted the chapter on Tomás Rivera, one of the most well known Chicano writers in the United States."

Elizabeth R. Viti
Department of French

Elizabeth Richardson Viti, "Simone de Beauvoir and Annie Ernaux: Love with a Perfect Stranger." Simone de Beauvoir Studies 19 (2002-2003): 49-56.

"This article examines how two celebrated French women writers--of two different generations--captured their respective love affairs in one of their best known novels. The similarities in their fictionalized accounts are so striking that Annie Ernaux recognized herself in Beauvoir's novel. However, the most prominent resemblance is the fact that each woman chose a foreigner as a lover and found his alien status to be what made him most irresistable."

Robert M. Viti
Department of French

Robert M. Viti, "Time Terrorists in Conrad and Zola." Excavatio: Studies in Emile Zola and Naturalism 18: 1-2 (2003): 1-9.

John A. Volkmar
Department of Management

John A. Volkmar, "Context and Control in Foreign Subsidiaries: Making a Case for the Host Country National Manager" Journal of Leadership and Organizational Studies 10 (2003): 93-105.

"This article challenges the conventional wisdom that equates expatriate managers with increased control of foreign subsidiaries. The study integrates theory from the control, leadership, and organizational change literatures in developing a model that identifies specific conditions in which Host Country National managers (HCNs) can be expected to afford greater control at the subsidiary level than expatriates. Relevant factors include cultural (national, organizational, professional) asymmetry, leadership of organizational change, and parent company legitimacy."

Charles Weise
Department of Economics

Charles L. Weise and John F. Boschen, "What Starts Inflation: Evidence from the OECD Countries." Journal of Money, Credit, and Banking 35:3 (2003): 323-349.

"We find that inflation episodes in industrialized countries since the 1960s have been caused primarily by policymakers' pursuit of overly ambitious targets for economic growth, sometimes for political reasons, as well as the export of inflation from the United States. Exchange rate agreements such as the European Exchange Rate Mechanism prove to be effective deterrents to inflation."

Mark A. Weitz
Civil War Era Studies

Mark A. Weitz, "Shoot Them All: Chivalry and the Confederate Officer Corps." The Chivalric Ethos and the Development of Military Professionalism Ed. D. J. B. Trim (New York and Koln: Brill, Inc., 2002).

Mark A. Weitz, "Introduction" A Rich Man's War, a Poor Man's Fight: Desertion of Alabama Troops from the Confederate Army (University of Alabama Press, 2003).

Randall K. Wilson
Department of Environmental Studies

Randall K. WilsonRandall K. Wilson, "Community-Based Management and National Forests in the Western United States: Five Challenges." Policy Matters 12 (2003): 216-224.

The article examines the major issues facing community-based collaborative resource management on public lands in the American West. These include the challenge of public representation, the authority and role of scientific knowledge, translating public input into policy, implementation and monitoring issues, and adaptation to place-specific contexts. The article then illustrates how these challenges are exacerbated by the 19th century institutionalization of public lands that continues to frame community-forest relations in the region.

John R. Winkelmann
Department of Biology

John R. Winkelmann, Frank Bonaccorso, Elizabeth Goedeke ('01) and Laura Ballock ('98) "Home Range and Territoriality in the Least Blossom Bat, Macroglossus Minimus, in Papua New Guinea." Journal of Mammalogy 84:2 (2003): 561-570.

"This is the third publication resulting from a long-term study that documented foraging behavior, and the roles of frugivorous and nectarivorous bats in pollination and seed dispersal in tropical rainforests in New Guinea. We also determined activity patterns, and space and habitat requirements for these bats. Two of my coauthors, Elizabeth Goedeke and Laura Ballock, graduated from Gettysburg College with BS degrees in Biology."

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