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2005 College Author Citations

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Tahera Aftab
Department of Religion

Aftab, Tahera. "Negotiating with Patriarchy: South Asian Muslim Women and the Appeal to Sir Syed Ahmed Khan." Women's History Review 14.1 (2005): 75-97.

This paper explores the tensions within the nineteenth century discourse of reform and change among Muslims of South Asia. The documents used in the writing of this paper are testimonies to nineteenth-century South Asian Muslim women's feminist consciousness and the contested nature of Muslim identity.

Jonathan D. Amith
Department of Latin American Studies

Jonathan D. Amith Amith, Jonathan D. "Place Making and Place Breaking: Migration and the Development Cycle of Community in Colonial Mexico." American Ethnologist 32.1 (2005): 159-179.

This work presents an examination of the tactical engagement of indigenous peasant migrants with the colonial Mexican state over spatial rights and the migrants' emergent sense of place in a newly settled locale.

Amith, Jonathan D. The Mobius Strip: A Spatial History of Colonial Society in Guerrero, Mexico . Stanford University Press, 2005.

Focusing on Guerrero on the southwestern coast, anthropologist Amith offers a spatial history of colonial society as a particularly effective way to explore the dynamics of structure and process. He emphasizes land, labor, and capital as the basic parameters that influenced geographic patterns in colonial Mexico in his discussion of the natural and social context of land and property, the dynamics of economic transformation in rural central Guerrero, and struggles for control over grain in the late colonial period.

Matthew H. Amster
Department of Sociology and Anthropology

Matthew H. Amster Amster, Matthew H. "Cross-border Marriage in the Kelabit Highlands of Borneo." Anthropological Forum 15.2 (2005): 131-150.

By examining details of cross-border marriages in highland Borneo, this paper highlights the ways in which Kelabit embrace the opportunities created by the existence of an international frontier and, in the process, harness the power of the state for uniquely local purposes.

Amster, Matthew H. "The Rhetoric of the State: Dependency and Control in a Malaysian-Indonesian Borderland." Identities: Global Studies in Culture and Power 12.1 (2005): 23-43.

This article explores the unique position of the Kelabit people of Borneo as they attempt to appropriate aspects of state power or use the rhetoric of state power in their efforts to maintain a status quo with regard to neighboring, and closely related, migrant workers from across the border. The article seeks to offer a contribution to the ethnography of border regions and understandings of local forms of agency and state power in anthropology.

Amster, Matthew H., and Johan Lindquist. "Frontiers, Sovereignty, and Marital Tactics: Comparisons from the Borneo Highlands and the Indonesia-Malaysia-Singapore Growth Triangle." The Asia Pacific Journal of Anthropology 6.1 (2005): 1-17.

This article looks at transnational relationships between men and women from two Southeast Asian border zones. The case studies and the comparison between them illustrate how men in Malaysia and Singapore, who are increasingly marginalized in the globalizing economy, become involved with Indonesian women in order to reproduce patriarchal structures that are connected to "traditional" family forms.

Martha E. Arterberry
Department of Psychology

Martha E. Arterberry Borstein, Marc H., Martha E. Arterberry, and Clay Mash. "Perceptual Development." Developmental Science: An Advanced Textbook. 5th ed. Eds. Marc H. Bornstein and Michael E. Lamb. Mahwah, NJ: Lawrence Erlbaum Associates, 2005. 283-325.

This chapter provides an overview of the development of perception from cross-cultural and lifespan perspectives.

"Richard Barvainis
Department of Physics

Richard Barvainis Barvainis, Richard, and Robert Antonucci. "Extremely Luminous Water Vapor Emission from a Type 2 Quasar at Redshift z = 0.66." The Astrophysical Journal 628 (2005): L89-L91.

Barvainis, Richard, Joseph Lehár, Mark Birkinshaw, Heino Falcke, and Katherine M. Blundell. "Radio Variability of Radio-quiet and Radio-loud Quasars." The Astrophysical Journal 618.1 (2005): 108-122.

Ulvestad, James S., Robert R. J. Antonucci, and Richard Barvainis. "VLBA Imaging of Central Engines in Radio-Quiet Quasars." The Astrophysical Journal 621.1 (2005): 123-129.

The last two articles report on high spatial resolution studies of distant quasars using some of the largest radio telescopes in the world.

Emelio R. Betances
Department of Sociology and Latin American Studies

Emelio R. Betances Betances, Emelio R. "Joaqu í n Balaguer and Contemporary Dominican Politics and Society." Socialism and Democracy 19.1 (2005): 33-47.

This article examines the role of Joaqu í n Balaguer in twentieth century Dominican politics. It argues that Balaguer's career was the product of profound social and political crises that resulted from the collapse of the Trujillo dictatorship in 1961 and the subsequent U.S. intervention in 1965.

Marie-Jo Binet
Department of French

"L'Autre emoi" cover Binet, Marie-Jo. L'Autre émoi: Ecrits entre les terres 1979-2003 . Paris, France: L'Harmattan, 2005.

L'Autre émoi is an anthology of francophone texts that presents many different aspects of exile and deals with related concepts: identity, roots, transplantation, cultural multiplicity, and the necessary transformations of human communities. Designed as a collage, the book offers an organization of texts that have been selected from autobiographical and fictional writings. In most cases, the narrative voice is a family member, and L'Autre émoi reads like the "novel" of a large multicultural family. Authors are from African and Caribbean origins.

Michael J. Birkner
Department of History

Michael J. Birkner Birkner, Michael J. Dwight D. Eisenhower: America's 34 th President. Encyclopedia of Presidents. New York: Scholastic Press, 2005.

This book, part of Scholastic's "Library of Presidents" series, is a compact biography of our nation's 34 th president for a young adult audience.

Birkner, Michael J., and Richard E. Winslow III, eds. "A Visit to the Battlefield." Adams County History. Gettysburg, PA: Adams County Historical Society, 2005. 39-46.

This article presents an account of a New Hampshire man's visit to Gettysburg two weeks after the great battle, seeking the remains of a local man for re-interment in Portsmouth, New Hampshire.

Philip Bobko
Department of Management and Psychology

Philip Bobko Bobko, Philip, and Philip L. Roth. "Personnel Selection with Top-Score-Referenced Banding: On the Inappropriateness of Current Procedures." International Journal of Selection and Assessment 12.4 (2004): 291-298.

This analysis indicates that a procedure often used to presumably increase workforce diversity in selection (statistical banding of scores) is based on incorrect formulas and statistical assumptions. More accurate formulations would substantially reduce the size of selection bands.

Bobko, Philip, Philip L. Roth, and Alan Nicewander. "Banding Selection Scores in Human Resource Management Decisions: Current Inaccuracies and the Effect of Conditional Standard Errors." Organizational Research Methods 10 (2005): 1-15.

This article uses item response theory, binomial error models, and DoD data to demonstrate that banding (a technique used to reduce adverse impact in personnel selection) leads to empirical bands that are too wide.

Bobko, Philip, Philip L. Roth, and Maury A. Buster. "Work Sample Selection Tests and Expected Reduction in Adverse Impact: A Cautionary Note." International Journal of Selection and Assessment 13.1 (2005): 1-10.

This article demonstrates that researchers in selection may be incorrect in assuming that work sample tests lead to lower levels of adverse impact.

Laczo, Roxanne M, Paul R. Sackett, Philip Bobko, and José M. Cortina. "A Comment on Sampling Error in the Standardized Mean Difference With Unequal Sample Sizes: Avoiding Potential Errors in Meta-Analytic and Primary Research." Journal of Applied Psychology 90.4 (2005): 758-764.

This article shows that if sub-group sizes are unequal, then the usual formulas for standard errors need to be modified.

Potosky, Denise, and Philip Bobko. "Selection Testing via the Internet: Practical Considerations and Exploratory Empirical Findings." Personnel Psychology 57.4 (2004): 1003-1035.

This article provides empirical results and a set of lessons learned when importing a paper-and-pencil selection system to the Internet.

Robert E. Bohrer II
Department of Political Science

Bohrer II, Robert E., and Glen S. Krutz. "The Devolved Party Systems of the United Kingdom: Sub-national Variations from the National Model." Party Politics 11.6 (2005): 654-673.

In this article, Bohrer and Krutz examine the emerging party systems of the devolved environments, with an eye toward shedding light on the factors that influence the number of parties in a system where parties are already mobilized but the institutional context is new. Our findings demonstrate that electoral rules have an independent effect on the number of parties. More specifically, the use of proportional representation has increased the number of parties. In addition, two social cleavage structure factors appear to affect the design of the party system: class and center-periphery. All of these forces lead to a more complex governing arrangement in the devolved settings than that of the United Kingdom.

Robert F. Bornstein
Department of Psychology

Robert F. Bornstein Bornstein, Robert F. "Interpersonal Dependency in Child Abuse Perpetrators and Victims: A Meta-Analytic Review." Journal of Psychopathology and Behavioral Assessment 27 (2005): 67-76.

This analysis showed that adults who abuse children physically or sexually have higher levels of interpersonal dependency than do adults with other psychiatric disorders.

Bornstein, Robert F. "Metatheoretical Shifts and Extraclinical Data." Psychoanalytic Psychology 22.1 (2005): 69-72.

This article uses findings from cognitive and social psychology to refine psychodynamic models of perception and information processing.

Bornstein, Robert F. "Psychodynamic Theory and Personality Disorders" Handbook of Personology and Psychopathology . Ed. S. Strack. Hoboken, N.J.: Wiley, 2005. 164-180.

The chapter describes psychoanalytic models of personality disorder, evaluates empirical evidence related to these models, and proposes a modified psychodynamic framework for categorizing personality pathology in future versions of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders .

Bornstein, Robert F. The Dependent Patient: A Practitioner's Guide . Washington, DC: American Psychological, 2005.

The first half of the book reviews the conceptual and empirical literature on interpersonal dependency and dependent personality disorder; the second half applies this information to work with dependent patients in psychiatric inpatient and outpatient settings.

"The Dependent Patient" cover Bornstein, Robert. F. "The Dependent Patient: Diagnosis, Assessment, and Treatment." Professional Psychology: Research and Practice 36.1 (2005): 82-89.

This article reviews the empirical literature on effective clinical work with dependent psychotherapy patients.

Bornstein, Robert F., H. Mei Ng, '04, Heather Gallagher, '03, Deanna Kloss, '05, and Natalie Regier, '05. "Contrasting Effects of Self-Schema Priming on Lexical Decisions and Interpersonal Stroop Task Performance: Evidence for a Cognitive/Interactionist Model of Interpersonal Dependency." Journal of Personality 73.3 (2005): 731-761.

This article reported four experiments examining the role of the dependent person's "helpless self-concept" in shaping dependency-related motives and behaviors.

Bornstein, Robert F., and Joseph M. Masling, eds. Scoring the Rorschach: Seven Validated Systems . Mahwah, NJ: Lawrence Erlbaum Associates, 2005.

This volume includes chapters describing empirically validated Rorschach scoring methods for assessing thought disorder, ego defense style, prognosis for psychotherapy, and other variables.

Johnson, Jeffrey G,. Pamela G. McGeoch, Vanessa P. Caskey, Sotoodeh G. Abhary, Joel R. Sneed, and Robert F. Bornstein. "The Developmental Psychopathology of Personality Disorders." Development of Psychopathology: A Vulnerability-Stress Perspective . Eds. Benjamin L. Hankin and John R. Z. Abela. Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage, 2005. 417-464.

This chapter reviews research on the antecedents of personality pathology in adolescents and adults.

Bornstein, Robert F. "Rorschach Assessment of Dependent Personality Disorder." Rorschach Assessment of the Personality Disorders. Ed. S. K. Huprich. Mahwah, NJ: Lawrence Erlbaum Associates, 2006. 289-310.

Bornstein, Robert F. "Reconnecting Psychoanalysis to Mainstream Psychology: Challenges and Opportunities." Psychoanalytic Psychology 22.3 (2005): 323-340.

Bornstein, Robert F., and H. Mei Ng, '04. "Comorbidity of Dependent Personality Disorder and Anxiety Disorders: A Meta-Analytic Review." Clinical Psychology: Science and Practice 12 (2005): 395-406.

This article is based on Mei's Senior Honors Project and is published with several commentaries.

Ronald D. Burgess
Department of Spanish

Burgess, Ronald D. " Mexico City's (Almost) Invisible Family Theatre: Puppets at Work." Latin American Theatre Review 38.2 (2005): 97-105.

This article describes the career and techniques of two of Mexico City's most successful and long standing puppet theater groups.

Dan W. Butin
Department of Education

  Butin, Dan W. "Disturbing Normalizations of Service-Learning." Preface. Service-Learning in Higher Education: Critical Issues and Directions . Ed. Dan W. Butin. New York: Palgrave Macmillan, 2005. vii-xx.

Butin, Dan W. "Service-Learning as Postmodern Pedagogy." Service-Learning in Higher Education: Critical Issues and Directions . Ed. Dan W. Butin. New York: Palgrave Macmillan, 2005. 89-104.

This book brought together a wide range of scholars on the theoretical issues of service-learning (such as student resistance, student voice, and institutionalization) as well as exemplary models with higher education.

Butin, Dan W. "Diversity, Democracy, and Definitions: Contested Positions for the Future of the Social Foundations." Teaching Social Foundations of Education: Contexts, Theories, and Issues . Ed. Dan W. Butin. Mahwah, NJ: L. Erlbaum Associates, 2005. 191-199.

Butin, Dan W. "Identity (Re)Construction and Student Resistance." Teaching Social Foundations of Education: Contexts, Theories, and Issues. Ed. Dan W. Butin. Mahwah, NJ: L. Erlbaum Associates, 2005. 109-126.

Butin, Dan W. Preface. Teaching Social Foundations of Education: Contexts, Theories, and Issues. Ed. Dan W. Butin. Mahwah, NJ: L. Erlbaum Associates, 2005. xi-xxi.

Butin, Dan W. "Is There a Social Foundations Canon? An Interview with Eric Bredo, Wendy Kohli, Joseph Newman, and Barbara Thayer-Bacon." Teaching Social Foundations of Education: Contexts, Theories, and Issues . Ed. Dan W. Butin. Mahwah, NJ: L. Erlbaum Associates, 2005. 29-55.

This book explored theoretical and pragmatic issues of teaching foundations-type courses within teacher education. His chapter entitled "Is There a Social Foundations Canon?" is based upon his experiences as a moderator in a discussion between four leading scholars.

Butin, Dan W. "'I Don't Buy It': Student Resistance, Social Justice, and Identity Construction." Inventio 7 (2005). <>.

This article explored the theoretical underpinnings of student resistance to social justice issues in the higher education classroom and articulated strategies for sidestepping such resistance.

Butin, Dan W. "Service-Learning is Dangerous." National Teaching & Learning Forum 14.4 (2005): 5-7.

This article is a condensed version of Butin's preface in his book on service-learning in higher education.

Butin, Dan W., ed. Guest Editor's Introduction. "How Social Foundations of Education Matter to Teacher Preparation: A Policy Brief." Educational Studies 38.3 (2005): 214-229.

Butin, Dan W. "Is Anyone Listening? Educational Policy Perspectives on the Social Foundations of Education." Educational Studies 38.3 (2005): 286-297.

Butin was the guest editor of this special issue of Educational Studies on the theme "How Social Foundations of Education Matter to Teacher Preparation? A Policy Brief." The Social Foundations field is marginalized from current educational policy debates surrounding the adequate preparation of "highly qualified teachers." This theme issue was meant to offer multiple voices of how and why foundations of coursework and perspectives are essential for teacher preparation.

Paul J. Carrick
Department of Philosophy

Paul J. CarrickCarrick, Paul J. "The Hidden Costs of Environmentally Responsible Health Care." Perspectives in Biology and Medicine 48.3 (2005): 453-463.

Carrick argues that proposals to reform the practice of medicine in environmentally sensitive ways ought not to do so at the cost of undermining patient rights and the respect for human life.

A. Ralph Cavaliere
Department of Biology

A. Ralph CavaliereSzczepanowska, Hanna, and A. Ralph Cavaliere. "Tutankhamun Tomb: A Closer Look at Biodeterioration-Preliminary Report." Schimmel- Gefahr für Mensch und Kulturgut durch Mikroorganismen [Fungi, A Threat for People and Cultural Heritage through Micro-Organisms] . Eds. Angelika Rouch, Silvia Miklin-Kniefacz, and Anne Harmssen. Theiss, Bonn, Germany: Verband der Resauratoren, 2004. 42-47.

This article deals with studies of fungi growing and deteriorating the north wall mural in King Tutankhamun's tomb. In addition to characterizing the molds present, methods for conservation of the masterpiece are suggested.

Nan Cohen
Department of English


Cohen, Nan. "Abraham and Isaac: I." Ploughshares 31.1(2005): 25.

Cohen, Nan. "Abraham and Isaac: 2." Ploughshares 31.1(2005): 26.

These two poems are on the story of Abraham and Isaac from Genesis.

Cohen, Nan. "Girder." Verse Daily . 30 April 2005. Verse Daily. <>.

The Verse Daily website offers a poem a day, reprinted with permission from books and magazines in print.

Cohen, Nan. Rope Bridge . Cincinnati, OH: Cherry Grove Collections, 2005.

Described in a jacket comment, this is a book of poetry in which "inner experience finds shape in contact with the phenomenal world."

Laurel A. Cohen-Pfister
Department of German

Laurel A. Cohen-Pfister Cohen-Pfister, Laurel A. "The Suffering of the Perpetrators: Unleashing Collective Memory in German Literature of the Twenty-First Century." Forum of Modern Language Studies 41.2 (2005): 123-135.

This article examines the current surge of German texts that reexamine the German experience of World War II in the context of civilian suffering from aerial bombings, flight, expulsion, mass rape, and hunger.

John A. Commito
Department of Environmental Studies

John A. CommitoCasu, Marco, Ferruccio Maltagliati, Piero Cossu, Tiziana Lai, Marco Curini Galletti, Alberto Castelli, and John A. Commito. "Fine-grained Spatial Genetic Structure in the Bivalve Gemma gemma from Maine and Virginia (USA) as Revealed by Inter-Simple Sequence Repeat Markers." Journal of Experimental Marine Biology and Ecology 325.1 (2005): 46-54.

This paper represents the first application of a molecular genetics technique, Inter-Simple Sequence Repeats (ISSRs), for a marine invertebrate. It demonstrates that small-scale genetic heterogeneity in populations of this ubiquitous bivalve does not follow a simple, consistent pattern but forms a dynamic, ephemeral genetic patchiness. The fine-grained heterogeneity may result from temporal variation in numbers and genotypes of individuals, which indicates that passive dispersal is not sufficient to give rise to genetic homogeneity at local scales. The paper has implications for natural resource management and the protection of biodiversity in the coastal zone.

Commito, John A., Emily A. Celano, '00, Holly J. Celico, '98, Serena Como, and Craig P. Johnson, '98. "Mussels Matter: Postlarval Dispersal Dynamics Altered by a Spatially Complex Ecosystem Engineer." Journal of Experimental Marine Biology and Ecology 316.2 (2005): 133-147.

This article is based on field and laboratory work conducted over several years. It is the first to demonstrate that dispersal dynamics of invertebrates living on the seafloor are controlled by the presence of another animal species, in this case mussels that build extensive bed structures in coastal Maine.

Deborah Larsen Cowan
Department of English

"The Tulip and the Pope" cover Larsen (Cowan), Deborah. The Tulip and the Pope . New York: Alfred K. Knopf, 2005.

This nonfiction book is a memoir of life in the convent in the 1960's, but also a memoir of faith and spiritual transformation. The Book of the Month Club and the Quality Paperback Book Club have both purchased subsidiary rights to the work.

Kathi Crow
Department of Mathematics

Crow, Kathi. "Simple Regular Skew Group Rings." Journal of Algebra and Its Applications 4.2 (2005): 127 -137.

The author found conditions for simplicity of a regular skew group ring and used these conditions to construct a class of simple regular skew group rings.

Brendan Cushing-Daniels
Department of Economics

Cushing-Daniels, Brendan. "Even the Errors Discriminate: How the Split Population Model of Criminal Recidivism Makes Justice Even Less Color Blind." The Review of Black Political Economy 33.1 (2005).

In their 1989 paper on criminal recidivism, Schmidt and Witte developed the split-population model to capture a particular form of heterogeneity; that is, there are some criminals who will never repeat offend. This paper identifies and corrects that bias present in the earlier model. While 54% of actual recidivists are non-white, the earlier model predicts that over 75% of recidivists will be non-white. The correction in this paper eliminates some, but not all, of the bias against non-whites in these predictions. Our results show that policymakers who, for example, consider parole decisions based on the constrained model, will incorrectly deny parole to non-white offenders.

Cushing-Daniels, Brendan, and Patrick Murray, '04. "Welfare Effects of Increased Train Noise: A Comparison of the Costs and Benefits of Train Whistle Use at Highway-Railway Crossings." Transportation Research Part D: Transport and Environment 10.5 (2005): 357-364.

A U.S. Federal Railroad Administration rule requires trains to sound their whistles while approaching and entering public highway-rail crossings. In an attempt to assess the likely impact of this policy change, they investigated the tradeoff between housing values and railroad safety due to the use of train whistles in Wisconsin. They found that even using the highest estimates of the benefits, the costs imposed by the increased train noise are likely to be greater by an order of magnitude. Furthermore, the costs are borne by homeowners, while the benefits accrue to commuters. Where commuters come largely from outside the political jurisdiction, policymakers are more likely to apply for an exception to prevent the new rule from taking effect.

Daniel G. Drury

Daniel G. Drury
Department of Health and Exercise Sciences

Kristin J. Stuempfle
Department of Health and Exercise Sciences

Drury, Daniel G., Katelyn Greenwood, Kristin J. Stuempfle, and Kelli F. Koltyn. "Changes in Pain Perception in Women During and Following an Exhaustive Incremental Cycling Exercise." Journal of Sports Science and Medicine 4 (2005): 215-222.

This article investigates the effects of exercise on the perception of pain.

Elizabeth Duquette
Department of English

Duquette, Elizabeth. "'A New Claim for the Family Renown': Alice James and the Picturesque." ELH 72 (2005): 717-745.

This article examines Alice James's manipulation of the picturesque to challenge sentimental conventions and define her contribution to the James' family fame.

Felicia M. Else
Department of Art

Felicica M. ElseElse, Felicia M. "'La Maggior Porcheria del Mondo' : Documents for Ammannati's Neptune Fountain." The Burlington Magazine 147 (2005): 487-491.

The article is a study of the complicated sequence of events documented in unpublished manuscript letters by 16 th century artist Ammannati that Else had studied on a Library Research Grant at the Getty Research Institute in Los Angeles. The documents chronicle the transportation of marble for the Neptune Fountain, a major public monument in the Piazza della Signoria of Florence.

Jinnifer Korin Faulkner
Class of 2006, Biology Major

Jinnifer Korin Faulkner Sharma, Sudha, Joshua A. Sommer, Saba Choudhary, Jinnifer Korin Faulkner, Sheng Cui, Lucia Andreoli, Laura Muzzolini, Alessandro Vindigni, Robert M. Brosh, Jr. "Biochemical Analysis of the DNA Unwinding and Strand Annealing Activities Catalyzed by Human RECQ1." Journal of Biological Chemistry 280.30 (2005): 28072-28084.

The paper is the result of research done during an internship at the National Institute of Aging during the summer of 2003.

Peter P. Fong
Department of Biology

Peter P. Fong Fong, Peter, Allison Olex, '01, Jennifer E. Farrell, '02, Ryan M. Majchrzak, '04, and John W. Muschamp, '01. "Induction of Preputium Eversion by Peptides, Serotonin Receptor Antagonists, and Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitors in Biomphalaria glabrata." Invertebrate Biology 124.4 (2005): 296-302.

This paper addresses the psychological mechanism of penis erection in a species of snail that is a host to a lethal human parasitic worm.

Karen Friedland
Department of Theater Arts

Tree Man . By Steven Schutzman. Dir. Karen Friedland (Land). ARTSCAPE. THEATRE PROJECT, Baltimore. 24 July 2005.

Karen Friedland, under the name of Karen Land, directed this award-winning play, by Steven Shutzman, for Artscape at the Theatre Project in downtown Baltimore on Sunday, July 24, 2005. David Campbell, '05, was the sound designer/technician for the production, and Tree Man had its debut at Gettysburg College in the fall of 2004 during the one-act festival, which is sponsored by respected alumnus, John Adams, '70.

Robert R. Garnett
Department of English

"Dickens Studies Annual" cover Garnett, Robert. "Recent Dickens Studies-2003." Dickens Studies Annual . Vol. 35. New York: AMS Press, 2005. 335-395.

This article is a review essay of all forms of scholarship on Charles Dickens published in 2003.

Darren Glass
Department of Mathematics

Darren Glass Glass, Darren and Rachel Pries. "On the Moduli Space of Klein Four Covers of the Projective Line." Computational Aspects of Algebraic Curves. Lecture Note Series on Computing 13. Ed. Tanush Shaska. Singapore: World Scientific Publishing Co. Pte. Ltd., 2005. 58-70.

In this paper, Pries and Glass studied the parameter space of curves which admit the action of a certain group and whose quotient is a single line. They also studied some of the numerical invariants of such curves.

Glass, Darren, and Rachel Pries. "Questions on p-torsion of hyperelliptic curves." Rendiconti del Seminario Matematico della Università di Padova 113 (2005): 145- 149. <>.

This paper poses some open questions about the structure of hyperelliptic curves in characteristic p>2, and discusses how answers to these questions would lead to a deeper understanding of such curves.

Nathalie Goubet
Department of Psychology

Nathalie Goubet Goubet, Nathalie. "L'olfaction chez le bébé: Un premier «regard» sur le monde" ['Olfaction in Babies: A first "look" at the World"]. VOIR 28-29 (2004):118-125.

This article is a review of infants' early olfactory competences.

Rattaz, Cécile, Nathalie Goubet, and Andre Bullinger. "The Calming Effect of a Familiar Odor in Full-Term Newborns." Developmental and Behavioral Pediatrics 26.2 (2005): 86-92.

This article describes the positive impact of familiar odors, and in particular maternal odors, during a painful procedure in full-term newborns.

Sharon Davis Gratto
Department of Music

Sharon Davis Gratto Gratto, Sharon Davis. "NETWORK Research Update." Network News 21.3 (2005) 16-19.

This article summarizes the presentations of four arts education researchers who spoke or were recognized at the last two conferences in Costa Mesa, CA and Milwaukee, Wisconsin of the International NETWORK of Schools for the Advancement of Arts Education. The researchers included Elliot Eisner, noted art professor and author from Stanford University; Frances Rauscher, of the Mozart Effect fame, from the University of Wisconsin at Oshkosh; Andrew Coulson of M.I.N.D. Institute in Costa Mesa, CA; and Jack Gremli, the 2003 NETWORK Individual Research Award winner. The content of these individuals' work addressed, among other topics, the impact of arts education on a child's cognitive development.

Gratto, Sharon Davis. "Repertoire Suggestions: Ethnic/Multicultural Perspectives." Polyphony 37.1 (2005): 6-8.

This is an annotated list of Gratto's personal top 21 world choral music octavo favorites that can be performed by a variety of choral ensembles with different voicings. The selections represent multiple cultures and language from around the world.

Gratto, Sharon Davis. "World Music in Today's Choral Programs: Reflections Past and Present." The Choral Journal 45.8 (2005): 51-54

This was an invited article for the blind-reviewed Choral Journal, a publication of the American Choral Directors Association. The article discusses the Association's Eastern Division "Troubadour" publication. It also discusses the conflict that exists among choral directors and the choirs they direct and the communities they serve about programming multicultural choral repertoire in addition to or in place of the body of traditional and contemporary choral works from Western European canon. The conclusion is that presenting a repertoire balance is important, as is exploring the multiple resources that are available to assist choral directors who are unfamiliar with world music and how to present it in its cultural context, with correct language pronunciation and interpretation.

Laurence A. Gregorio
Department of French

Laurence A. Gregorio Gregorio, Laurence A. Maupassant's Fiction and the Darwinian View of Life . Currents in Comparative Romance Languages and Literatures. 143. New York: Peter Lang, 2005.

This work illustrates how Darwinism and the economic variety of Social Darwinism figure significantly in Maupassant's fiction.

Gregory Grover
Class of 2006, Chemistry Major

Gregory Grover Kowtoniuk, Walter E., Darren K. MacFarland, and Gregory N. Grover. "Combining Chiral Elements: A Novel Approach to Asymmetric Phase-transfer Catalyst Design." Tetrahedron Letters 46.34 (2005): 5703-5705.

A new dicationic asymmetric phase-transfer catalyst, designed by combining chiral elements, is described. Catalytic testing using standard glycine imino ester alkylations shows good yields and moderate enantioselectivities.

Grover, Gregory N., Walter E. Kowtoniuk, and Darren K. MacFarland. "Combining Chiral Elements in Asymmetric Phase-transfer Catalysts: Styrene oxide and Chiral α,α-disubstituted Pyrroline and Piperidine Derived Structures." Tetrahedron Letters 47.1 (2006): 57-60.

A new asymmetric phase-transfer catalyst, designed by combining the chiral styrene oxide with 2,5-dimethylpyrroline, is described. Catalytic testing using standard glycine imino ester alkylations shows good yields and moderate to good enantioselectivities with a surprisingly large shift in enantioselectivity over the course of the reaction. Alkylation of the β-hydroxyl group led to catalysts with improved selectivity and a larger change in enantioselectivity during the reaction.

Allen Carl Guelzo
Department of History

"Mr Lincoln: The Life of Abraham Lincoln" coverGuelzo, Allen Carl. Mr Lincoln: The Life of Abraham Lincoln . DVD. Chantilly, VA: The Teaching Company, 2005.

This DVD is a twelve part course on the life of Abraham Lincoln.

Guelzo, Allen Carl. "Freedom of the Will." The Princeton Companion to Jonathan Edwards . Ed. Sang Hyun Lee. Princeton, NJ: Princeton University Press, 2005. 115-129.

Guelzo, Allen Carl. "Ambrose Bierce's Civil War: One Man's Morbid Vision." Civil War Times 44.4 (2005): 34-42.

Civil War Times originally published this article in 1981, and reprinted it in their October issue as one of a series of their classic article reprints for Civil War Time's 50 th anniversary.

Christopher D. Halleman
Class of 2006, Biochemistry/Molecular Biology Major

Christopher D. Halleman Rinker, Adam, '06, Christopher D. Halleman,'06, and Michael R. Wedlock. "Photodissociation Dynamics of Dimethyl Disulfide." Chemical Physics Letters 414 (2005): 505-508.

This paper reports the discovery of a previously unknown photodissociation channel in the first absorption band of dimethyl disulfide. The intensities of the peaks in the spectra are strongly affected by unusual quantum interference between absorptions from nearly degenerate electronic states.

Louis J. Hammann
Departments of Philosophy and Religion

Hammann, Louis J. "Tolerance." Encyclopedia of Religion, Communications and Media . Routledge, 2005.

Jennifer Hansen
Department of Philosophy

Jennifer Hansen Hansen, Jennifer. "Existential Fright or Ferocious Market Forces? A Critique of Mark Rego's "Existential Loss Hypothesis"." Philosophy, Psychiatry and Psychology 12.2 (2005): 129-136.

Hansen criticizes Mark Rego's defense of the high rates of antidepressant use. Rego argues that our concern over these rates is misapplied and misdirected fears over existential loss. Hansen argues, however, that some concern about the high rates of antidepressant use may be warranted because of the power of the pharmaceutical industry to market diseases such as depression.

Hansen, Jennifer. "Gender and the Psyche." Sect. 2.3 in "Continental Feminism" by Ann Cahill. The Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy . Ed. Edward N. Zalta. Fall 2005 ed. <>.

Hansen's section explains how Continental feminists use insights from the psychoanalytic thought of Sigmund Freud and Jacques Lacan to explain how gender is internalized.

Hansen, Jennifer, and Jeff Maynes, '05. "Psychiatry, Philosophy and the Self." Current Opinion in Psychiatry 18.6 (2005).

The aim of this article is to investigate psychopathology in order to illuminate the nature of personal identity.

Hansen, Jennifer L. "Written on the Body, Written by the Senses." Philosophy and Literature 29.2 (2005): 365-378.

Caroline A. Hartzell
Departments of Political Science and Latin American Studies and Acting Vice Provost

Caroline A. Hartzell Hoddie, Matthew, and Caroline A. Hartzell. "Signals of Reconciliation: Institution-Building and the Resolution of Civil Wars." International Studies Review 7.1 (2005): 21-40.

This work argues that a reliance on neorealist theory to analyze civil wars has resulted in the neglect of viable solutions to these conflicts that are inconsistent with that paradigm and advocates the use of an alternative international relations perspective, neoliberal institutionalism.

Hoddie, Matthew, and Caroline A. Hartzell. "Power Sharing in Peace Settlements: Initiating the Transition from Civil War." Sustainable Peace: Power and Democracy After Civil Wars. Eds. Philip G. Roeder and Donald Rothchild. New York: Cornell University Press, 2005.

Sherman S. Hendrix
Department of Biology

Sherman S. Hendrix Hendrix, Sherman S. "Parasites of Fishes." Wildlife Diseases: Landscape Epidemiology, Spatial Distribution and Utilization of Remote Sensing Technology . Eds. Shyamal K. Majumdar, et al. Easton, PA: Pennsylvania Academy of Science, 2005. 131-143.

Hendrix, Sherman S. "Viral, Bacterial, Algal, and Fungal Diseases of Fishes." Wildlife Diseases: Landscape Epidemiology, Spatial Distribution and Utilization of Remote Sensing Technology. Eds. Shyamal K. Majumdar, et al. Easton, PA: Pennsylvania Academy of Science, 2005. 144-150.

This book is intended for upper-level courses in wildlife diseases and management as well as a reference for professionals in the field to better understand health and disease in wildlife.

Zhining Hu
Department of Economics

Zhining Hu Hu, Zhining. "Economic Crisis and Policy Options: The Case of Japan." Nanjing Business Review 4 (2005): 95-114.

This paper examines the role of macroeconomic factors influencing the economic crisis in the 1990's in Japan and points out the importance of banks in stimulating economic activity.

Kathleen P. Iannello
Department of Political Science

Iannello, Kathleen P. "The Political is Personal: Third-Wave Feminist Perspectives on Power." Women in Politics: Outsiders or Insiders? 4th ed. Ed. Lois Duke Whitaker. Upper Saddle River, N.J.: Prentice Hall, 2005. 334-345.

This article compares and contrasts how second-wave and third-wave feminist concepts of power influence the structure of feminist organizations.

Florence Ramond Jurney
Department of French

Florence Ramond Jurney Jurney, Florence Ramond. "Entretien avec Marie-Célie Agnant." The French Review 79.2 (2005): 384-394.

In this interview, Haitian author Marie-Célie Agnant discusses her writing experience as well as the representation of her feminine characters and her own feminism. She also focuses on the themes of history, slavery, and memory, and how she chooses to approach them in her works of poetry and fiction.

Kim Dana Kupperman
Managing Editor Gettysburg Review

Kim Dana Kupperman Kupperman, Kim Dana. "Relief." Hotel Amerika 3.2 (2005): 39-43.

"Relief" is a personal essay about loss, specifically, how we cope with loss after the death of close family members.

Kupperman, Kim Dana. "The Perfect Meal." The Baltimore Review 8.2 (2005): 79-91.

"The Perfect Meal" is a personal essay about clichés, with particular attention to how an extramarital affair has taken on various stereotypical aspects.

Kupperman, Kim Dana. "Nine Segments of Orange." The Louisville Review 58 (2005): 118-123.

"Nine Segments of Orange" is a personal essay on the color orange, a meditation sparked by the phrase "Code Orange."

Elizabeth Lambert
Department of English

Lambert, Elizabeth. "Lavender and Politics: Gilbert Elliot's Letters to his Wife." Studies in Burke and his Time 20.1(2005): 66-81.

The biographer in search of Edmund Burke's personality has few viable sources from which to choose, and most are snapshot renderings. The exception is Gilbert Elliot's letters to his wife. Elliot, twenty years Burke's junior, was a Member of Parliament and held several important diplomatic posts, among them, Governor General of India. Elliot's correspondence gives us a rich and even-handed portrait of Burke as well as filling in the elements of Burke's world so as to make the people and events of that time come alive to the modern reader.

Bruce A. Larson
Department of Political Science

Heberlig, Eric, and Bruce A. Larson. "Redistributing Campaign Funds by U.S. House Members: The Spiraling Costs of the Permanent Campaign." Legislative Studies Quarterly 30 (2005): 597-624.

This article analyzes the increasing sums of campaign money contributed by members of Congress to other candidates and political parties.

Laurence A. Marschall
Department of Physics

Laurence A. MarschallMader, Jeff A., Guillermo Torres, Laurence A. Marschall, and Akbar Rizvi, '99. "Optical Photometry and Spectroscopy of the "Cool Algol" AV Delphini: Determination of the Physical Properties." The Astronomical Journal 130.1 (2005): 234-245.

Gettysburg students made the majority of the observations of this star at the Gettysburg College Observatory and the National Undergraduate Research Observatory in Flagstaff, Arizona.

Sheila Mulligan
Department of English

Mulligan, Sheila. "The Scared Teenaged Boy." Southern Humanities Review 39.4 (2005): 363-375.

This work of fiction is an excerpt from a novel in progress.

Todd W. Neller
Department of Computer Science

Todd W. NellerRussell, Ingrid, Zdravko Markov, Todd W. Neller, Michael Georgiopoulos, and Susan Coleman. "Unifying an Introduction to Artificial Intelligence Course through Machine Learning Laboratory Experiences." Proceedings of the 25 th American Society for Engineering Education Annual Conference and Exposition . Portland, OR: 2005. <>.

This paper presents work on a collaborative project funded by the National Science Foundation that incorporates machine learning as a unifying theme to teach fundamental concepts typically covered in the introductory Artificial Intelligence courses. The paper presents the team's approach, an overview of the project, and the hands-on laboratory modules.

Neller, Todd W. "Teaching Stochastic Local Search." Proceedings of the 18th International FLAIRS Conference. FLAIRS, 2005: 8-13. <>

This paper outlines an experiential approach to teaching stochastic local search (SLS). Students are guided by analogy through the incremental development of a simulated annealing algorithm. Supplementary applets allow students to experiment with temperature to gain understanding of its importance in the annealing process.

Markov, Zdravko, Ingrid Russell, Todd W. Neller, and Susan Coleman. "Enhancing Undergraduate AI Courses through Machine Learning Projects." Proceedings of the 35 th ASEE/IEEE Frontiers in Education Conference 2005. <>.

Their work involved the development of an adaptable framework for the presentation of core AI topics through a unifying theme of machine learning. A suite of hands-on, semester-long projects is developed, involving the design and implementation of a learning system that enhances a commonly deployed application. The projects use machine learning as a unifying theme to tie together the core AI topics.

Tanya Ostapenko
Class of 2006, Physics and Mathematics Major

Tanya OstapenkoOstapenko, Tanya, and M. D. Mestayer. "Use of Constrained Fits to Improve Mass Resolution in Particle Physics." U.S. Department of Energy Journal of Undergraduate Research 5.5 (2005): 41-44.

Her first publication, this paper discusses research conducted at Thomas Jefferson National Accelerator Facility during the summer of 2004 through the Science Undergraduate Laboratory Internship (SULI) program. It is one of fifteen papers chosen from all program participants at the 25 U.S. Department of Energy research laboratories across the nation.

VoonChin Phua
Department of Sociology

Phua, Voon Chin. "Prostitution or Sex Work." Youth, Education, and Sexualities: An International Encyclopedia. Vol. 2. Ed. James Sears. Westport, CT: Greenwood Publishing Group, 2005. 656-660.

This entry discusses the interactions of sexuality and age from a global perspective.

Rutherford V. Platt
Department of Environmental Studies

Rutherford V. PlattPlatt, Rutherford V. "A Model of Exurban Land Use Change and Wildfire Mitigation." Environment and Planning B: Planning and Design (2005).

Using GIS-based models, this study assesses the possible future effects of several policy proposals for wildfire hazard reduction in the wildland-urban interface.

Sarah M. Principato
Department of Environmental Studies

Carlson, A. E., D. M. Mickelson, S. M. Principato, and D. M. Chapel. "The Genesis of the Northern Kettle Moraine, Wisconsin." Geomorphology 67 (2005): 365-374.

This paper is about the formation of one of the most famous glacial landforms in the United States-the Kettle Moraine. This paper provides new insight about the genesis of the Kettle Moraine, and the authors describe a more universal model for interlobate moraine formation.

Principato, Sarah M., Anne E. Jennings, Greta B. Kristjansdottir, and John T. Andrews. "Glacial-Marine or Subglacial Origin of Diamicton Units from the Southwest and North Iceland Shelf: Implications for the Glacial History of Iceland." Journal of Sedimentary Research 75 (2005): 968-983.

In this paper, Principato and the co-authors analyzed sediments from two marine cores from the Iceland Shelf using a multiproxy approach. The difference between glacial till and glacial marine sediment was determined. Separating these two types of sediments is complicated, but it is critical for reconstructing ice margins around Iceland during the last glaciation.

Principato, Sarah M. "X-Ray Radiographs of Sediment Cores: A Guide to Analyzing Diamicton." Image Analysis, Sediments and Paleoenvironments . Ed. Pierre Francus. The Netherlands: Kluwer Academic Publishers, 2004. 165-185.

This paper discusses the development of a new technique for analyzing glacial till and glacial marine sediments. It appears as a chapter in a special volume about image analysis of sediments and presents a method for analyzing X-ray radiographs of sediments in marine cores.

Janet Morgan Riggs
Department of Psychology

Janet Morgan Riggs Riggs, Janet Morgan. "Impressions of Mothers and Fathers on the Periphery of Child Care." Psychology of Women Quarterly 29.1 (2005): 58-62.

This paper describes research-investigating perceptions of employed mothers and fathers who do not play the primary child care role in their families. The findings imply continuing differences in child care expectations for mothers and fathers.

Riggs, Janet Morgan, and Leah B. Gumbrecht. "Correspondence Bias and American Sentiment in the Wake of September 11, 2001." Journal of Applied Social Psychology 35.1 (2005): 15-28.

This paper describes research conducted in the months following September 11 on the inferences made about a Muslim or non-Muslim person who expressed either a positive or negative view of American foreign policy.

Adam Rinker, Class of 2006
Chemistry/Mathematics Major

Adam RinkerRinker, Adam, '06, Christopher D. Halleman,'06, and Michael R. Wedlock. "Photodissociation Dynamics of Dimethyl Disulfide." Chemical Physics Letters 414 (2005): 505-508.

This paper reports the discovery of a previously unknown photodissociation channel in the first absorption band of dimethyl disulfide. The intensities of the peaks in the spectra are strongly affected by unusual quantum interference between absorptions from nearly degenerate electronic states.

Michael Ritterson
Department of German

Michael Ritterson Krauss, Angela. " Leipzig, 1999." Trans. Michael Ritterson. International Poetry Review 31.1 (2005): 41.

Krauss, Angela. "Places." Trans. Michael Ritterson. International Poetry Review 31.1 (2005): 43-45.

Krauss, Angela. "Little Girls." Trans. Michael Ritterson. International Poetry Review 31.1 (2005): 47.

Angela Krauss was born in Chemnitz, Germany and studied writing at the Leipzig Literaturinstitut. Best known since the mid-1980s for her stories and short novels, she has received numerous prizes and awards, among them the Ingeborg Bachmann Prize in 1988. She has held fellowships, residencies, and visiting professorships in Canada, Germany, Italy, and the United States. She resides in Leipzig.

Michael Ritterson translates German prose and poetry of the last three centuries, with a particular interest in the work of post-1945 and contemporary writers. His translation of Wilhelm Raabe's 1888 novel, The Odin Field , (Camden House, 2001), was runner-up for the Helen and Kurt Wolff Translator's Prize.

William E. Rosenbach
Department of Management

"Military Leadership: In Pursuit of Excellence" cover Rosenbach, William E, and Robert L. Taylor. Contemporary Issues in Leadership . 6 th ed. Boulder, CO: Westview Press, 2006.

Taylor, Robert L., and William E. Rosenbach, eds. Military Leadership: In Pursuit of Excellence . 5 th ed. Cambridge, MA: Westview Press, 2005.

These books were previously published by Rosenbach and Taylor and have recently come out in new editions.

Virginia E. Schein
Departments of Management and Psychology

Virginia E. Schein Schein, Virginia E. "Canaries in the Mine: Reflections on Women in Management and Work and Family Research." Foreword. Work and Family: An International Research Perspective . Ed. Steven A. Y. Poelmans. Mahwah, NJ: Lawrence Earlbaum, 2005.

This piece links women's progress in management globally to the need for more work and family research worldwide.

Timothy J. Shannon
Department of History

Timothy J. Shannon Shannon, Timothy J. "Queequeg's Tomahawk: A Cultural Biography, 1750-1900." Ethnohistory 52.3 (2005): 589-633.

This article examines the origins and cultural uses of the pipe tomahawk, a distinctive artifact of the fur trade on the Pennsylvania frontier, and its evolution as a weapon, trade good, and prestige object in European-Indian relations.

Donna Skekel
Musselman Library

"The Method Behind the Madness: Acquiring Online Journals and a Solution to Provide Access" cover Skekel, Donna. "The Method Behind the Madness: Acquiring Online Journals and a Solution to Provide Access." The Acquisitions Librarian 17.33/34 (2005): 63-71.

This article discusses the use of journal management software and services and provides insight on the acquisitions, access and bibliographic control issues that are both improved upon and complicated by the application of technology to the world of journals. The article was published simultaneously in a monograph, Managing Digital Resources in Libraries .

Skekel, Donna. "The Method Behind the Madness: Acquiring Online Journals and a Solution to Provide Access." Managing Digital Resources in Libraries . Ed. Audrey Fenner. Binghamton, NY: Haworth Information Press, 2004. 63-71.

Carolyn S. Snively
Department of Classics

Carolyn S. SnivelySnively, Carolyn S. "Dacia Mediterranea and Macedonia Secunda in the Sixth Century: A Question of Influence on Church Architecture." Ni' and Byzantium Symposium III. Ed. Mi'a Rakocija. Serbia and Crna Gora: Ni', 2005. 213-224.

The paper considers the question of architectural influence from Dacia mediterranea to the north on Macedonia secunda in the south at a time when ecclesiastical authority was located in the former province.

William Solomon
Department of English

Solomon, William. "Second Technologies: American Modernism and Silent Comedy." Interdisciplinary Literary Studies: A Journal of Criticism and Theory 6.2 (2005): 66-91.

This essay compares innovative writing and slapstick film on the basis of their common responses to problems generated by urban-industrial modernity.

Barbara A. Sommer
Department of History

Barbara A. Sommer Sommer, Barbara A. "Colony of the Sertão: Amazonian Expeditions and the Indian Slave Trade." The Americas 61.3 (2005): 401-428.

Appearing in a special issue addressing "Rethinking Bandeirismo in Colonial Brazil," guest edited by A.J.R. Russell-Wood of Johns Hopkins University, the paper explores the ways in which widespread competition to acquire native allies and slaves shaped the society of Portuguese Amazonia.

Eileen Stillwaggon
Department of Economics

"AIDS and the Ecology of Poverty" cover Stillwaggon, Eileen. AIDS and the Ecology of Poverty . New York: Oxford University Press, 2006.

In this book, Stillwaggon combines the insights of economics and biology to explain the spread of HIV/AIDS in poor populations. She criticizes global AIDS policy as ad hoc in approach, unscientific in concept, and narrow in focus. She demonstrates that current strategies for HIV prevention do not address the causes of susceptibility to disease and so have been largely unsuccessful.

Kristin J. Stuempfle
Department of Health and Exercise Sciences

Kristin J. Stuempfle Hew-Butler, Tamara, Christopher Almond, J. Carlos Ayus, Jonathan Dugas, Willem Meeuwisse, Timothy Noakes, Stephen Reid, Arthur Siegel, Dale Speedy, Kristin Stuempfle, Joseph Verbalis, and Louise Weschler. "Consensus Statement of the 1 st International Exercise-Associated Hyponatremia Consensus Development Conference, Cape Town, South Africa 2005." Clinical Journal of Sport Medicine 15.4 (2005): 206-211.

This paper addresses the etiology, prevention, and treatment of hyponatremia (low blood sodium), a potentially life-threatening condition. Co-authors are international experts who have done research on hyponatremia. The article was also printed in the American Medical Athletic Association Journal .

Kristin J. Stuempfle
Department of Health and Exercise Sciences

Daniel G. Drury
Department of Health and Exercise Sciences

Drury, Daniel G., Katelyn Greenwood, Kristin J. Stuempfle, and Kelli F. Koltyn. "Changes in Pain Perception in Women During and Following an Exhaustive Incremental Cycling Exercise." Journal of Sports Science and Medicine 4 (2005): 215-222.

This article investigates the effects of exercise on the perception of pain.

Yan Sun
Department of Visual Arts

Yan Sun Sun, Yan. "The Style of Bronze Zun and Lei and Their Cultural Connotation." (in chinese). Sanxingdui and Changjiang Civilization (Conference) (2005): 145-154.

James Udden
Department of Film Studies

James Udden Udden, James. "Hou Hsiao-hsien and the Question of a Chinese Style." Film Appreciation Journal 124 (2005): 44-54.

Udden, James. "The Future of a Luminescent Cloud: Recent Developments in a Pan-Asian Style." Synoptique 10 (2005). <>.

This paper explores the most recent films by the most persistent practitioners of a new pan-Asian film style, and explores the deeper political and cultural meaning of their seeming abandonment of it.

Elizabeth Richardson Viti
Department of French

"Simone de Beauvoir¿s Fiction" cover Viti, Elizabeth Richardson. "A Questionable Balance: Anne Dubreuilh and the Language of Identity Crisis." Simone de Beauvoir's Fiction: Women and Language . Eds. Alison T. Holland and Louise Renée. New York: Peter Lang, 2005. 113-135.

This is an analysis of Anne Dubreuilh, a quasi-autobiographical character in one of Simone de Beauvoir's most autobiographical novels, The Mandarins . Because Anne undergoes an identity crisis during which she seesaws back and forth between two conflicting personae, it appears that Beauvoir was calling into question her own sense of self. It is Anne Dubreuilh's language that exposes this questionable balance.

Robert M. Viti
Department of French

Viti, Robert M. "Just Passing Through: Crossing Borders with Félicité and Company in Zola's Rougon-Macquart." Excavatio 19.1-2 (2004): 1-12.

The Rougon side of Zola's fictional family, although ostensibly representative of Napoléon III's parti de l'ordre, spreads chaos by their incessant violation of spatial borders, mixing outside and inside, private and public space. Such a "trait" is hereditary, inherited from the matron of the family, Félicité, a border crosser of the first order. By showing the devastation such disorder occasions, Zola condemns not only the Rougon clan but the entire Second Empire, whose spatial reordering of Paris, so-called Haussmannisation, spreads chaos across the lower classes, forcing them to move, and advantaged the wealthy class in power.

John A. Volkmar
Department of Management

Volkmar, John A., and Kate L. Westbrook. "Does a Decade Make a Difference? A Second Look at Western Women Working in Japan." Women in Management Review 20.7 (2005): 464-477.

The objective of this study is to assess changes over the past decade in the self-reported levels of adjustment, job performance, and professional acceptance of western women professionals working in Japan. We found that despite the increased westernization of business practices in Japan and a greater representation of Japanese women in management positions, no statistically significant change is found in the scores for the three measures examined over the ten year period, even though the incidence of formal training, preparation, and support provided by employers was higher for the more recent sample.

Michael R. Wedlock
Department of Chemistry

Rinker, Adam, '06, Christopher D. Halleman,'06, and Michael R. Wedlock. "Photodissociation Dynamics of Dimethyl Disulfide." Chemical Physics Letters 414 (2005): 505-508.

This paper reports the discovery of a previously unknown photodissociation channel in the first absorption band of dimethyl disulfide. The intensities of the peaks in the spectra are strongly affected by unusual quantum interference between absorptions from nearly degenerate electronic states.

Kevin D. Wilson
Department of Psychology

Wilson, Kevin D., Marty G. Woldorff, and George R. Mangun. "Control Networks and Hemispheric Asymmetries in Parietal Cortex During Attentional Orienting in Different Spatial Reference Frames." NeuroImage 25 (2005): 668-683.

This paper examines the neural systems that mediate our ability to allocate attention to different regions of space, using a brain imaging technique known as functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI).

Wilson, Kevin D. Implementing an Undergraduate Laboratory Course in Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging . Ed. Graig Donini. Sunderland, MA: Sinauer, 2005. <>.

This text is an instructors resource manual that accompanies a popular functional brain imaging textbook ("Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging", 2004, by Huettel, S., A. Song, and G. McCarthy) for those who are interested in implementing such a course at an undergraduate-focused institution. This manual is available online at: <>.

Randall K. Wilson
Department of Environmental Studies

Randall K. Wilson Crawford, Thomas W., and Randall K. Wilson. "Multi-Scale Analysis of Collaborative National Planning Contexts in the Rural US Mountain West." Population and Environment 26.2 (2005): 1-30.

This article presents a framework for integrating multi-scale data in a spatial analysis of the regional and sub-regional contexts within which community-based forms of national forest planning are emerging in the U.S. Mountain West. Cluster techniques were applied to demographic, economic, and environmental indicators to characterize three types of contexts relevant to forest planning.

Essex, Stephen, Andrew Gilg, Richard Yarwood, John Smithers, and Randall Wilson, eds. Rural Change and Sustainability: Agriculture, the Environment, and Communities . Cambridge, MA: CABI Publishing, 2005.

Wilson, Randall K. "Narratives of Community-Based Resource Management in the American West." Rural Change and Sustainability: Agriculture, the Environment, and Communities . Eds. Stephen Essex, Andrew Gilg, Richard Yarwood, John Smithers, and Randall Wilson. Cambridge, MA: CABI Publishing, 2005.

Smithers, John and Randall K. Wilson. "Conclusions." Rural Change and Sustainability: Agriculture, the Environment, and Communities. Eds. Stephen Essex, Andrew Gilg, Richard Yarwood, John Smithers, and Randall Wilson. Cambridge, MA: CABI Publishing, 2005. 373-381.

This is an edited volume that examines current research in rural geography. In particular, the chapters explore recent social and ecological transformations in rural areas and their implications for sustainable development. Case studies are drawn from work in Canada, the United Kingdom, and the United States.

Charles J. Zabrowski
Department of Classics

Zabrowski, Charles J. "Ancient Greek Mousike and Modern Eurhythmics: The Educational Use of Greek Mousike According to Plato and Aristotle." Journal of the Research Institute for Integrated Brain Studies 1 (2005): 55-78.

Zabrowski, Charles J. "Aspiration, Failure, and Triumph: The Heracles Motif in Classical Myth and Modern Glass Art." Journal of the Research Institute for Integrated Brain Studies 1 (2005): 3-18.

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