Conflict and Resistance in the Middle East

Spring 2012 - Palestine

Susan AbulhawaSusan Abulhawa

Susan Abulhawa is the author of the 2010 novel, Mornings in Jenin and the founder of Playgrounds for Palestine, an NGO that builds playgrounds in Palestine and UN refugee camps in Lebanon. Born to Palestinian refugees of the 1967 War, Abulhawa grew up in several places, including Kuwait, Jordan and occupied East Jerusalem before coming to the United States. She did graduate work at the University of South Carolina and had a career in medical science, but turned to writing after being frustrated by biased news coverage of the plight of Palestinians. Her work has appeared in U.S. and international newspapers as well as in periodicals.

Abulhawa, will give a lecture titled “Lifting the Veil: A look at the Middle East conflict through the eyes of Palestinians, moral authorities and human rights organizations” at Gettysburg College at 7 p.m. on Thursday, April 19, 2012 in College Union Building 260. A book signing will follow. For more information, see a complete list of events.

Hussein IbishHussein Ibish

Hussein Ibish is a senior fellow at the American Task Force on Palestine and executive director of the Hala Salaam Maksoud Foundation for Arab-American Leadership. He regularly appears on radio and television has written for many newspapers, including the Los Angeles Times, the Washington Post and the Chicago Tribune. He has also had numerous scholarly publications about the Arab-American experience and other Middle East issues. His most recent book is What’s Wrong with the One-State Agenda? Why Ending the Occupation and Peace with Israel is Still the Palestinian National Goal (ATFP 2009). You can follow his blog at

Ibish will present "Discussion of the Two-State Solution," a conversation about Israel and Palestine at Gettysburg College at 7 p.m. on Thursday, February 9, 2012 in College Union Building 260. For more information, see a complete list of events.

Stephen ZunesStephen Zunes

Stephen Zunes is a professor of politics and international studies at the University of San Francisco, where he chairs the program in Middle Eastern Studies. He has published numerous articles on Middle Eastern politics, U.S. foreign policy, international terrorism, nuclear nonproliferation, strategic nonviolent action, and human rights. He is author of Tinderbox: U.S. Middle East Policy and the Roots of Terrorism (Common Courage Press, 2003) and co-author of Western Sahara: War, Nationalism and Conflict Irresolution (Syracuse University Press, 2010). He is frequently heard on NPR, PBS, BBC, MSNBC and other media outlets offering his analysis of breaking world events.

Zunes will give a lecture titled "Civil Insurrections, U.S. Foreign Policy, and the Future of the Middle East" at Gettysburg College at 7 p.m. on Thursday, March 1, 2012 in College Union Building 260. For more information, see a complete list of events.


Fall 2011 - Iraq

Nadje Al-AliNadje Al-Ali

Nadje Al-Ali has written extensively on women and the gender-based effects of political repression, human rights violations, military action, sanctions and occupation on women in Iraq and Iraqi women abroad. An anthropologist of German-Iraqi origin, Al-Ali is the author of numerous books. Her most recent titles include Women and War in the Middle East: Transnational Perspectives (co-editor, Zed Books, 2009) and What Kind of Liberation? Women and the Occupation in Iraq (co-author, University of California Press, 2009) and Iraqi Women: Untold Stories from 1948 to the Present (2007, Zed Books). She is Professor of Gender Studies and Chair of the Centre for Gender Studies, at University of London’s School of Oriental and African Studies.

A lecture on "Iraqi Women's Rights, Gender-Based Violence and the Occupation of Iraq" and book signing with Nadje Al-Ali will be held on December 4.  For more information, see a complete list of events.

Sinan AntoonSinan Antoon

Iraqi poet, novelist and filmmaker Sinan Antoon was born in Baghdad to an Iraqi father and American mother and came to the United States after the Gulf war. He received his PhD from Harvard University and is now an assistant professor at New York University. His poetry and essays have been published worldwide and he has appeared on NPR, Al Jazeera News and The Charlie Rose Show. His works include the novel, I'jaam: An Iraqi Rhapsody; a collection of poems called The Baghdad Blues; and the film About Baghdad, a look at the lives of Iraqis in a post-Saddam-occupied Iraq.

About Baghdad will be screened at Gettysburg on October 5, and there will be a discussion of the novel I'jaam, on October 18.  On November 3, Sinan Antoon will deliver a lecture, "The Word on the Street: Poetry and Revolution." For more information, see a complete list of events.

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