The Civil War Brush and the Modern Camera: Two Artists in Pennsylvania

September 2018-November 2018

The Majestic Theater

This exhibit highlights and contrasts the work of two artists recording their impressions of the Adams County landscape. Separated by over 140 years of history and technology, George Leo Frankenstein and Daniel Gilbert have each responded to this historic rural environment with the tools most appropriate to their time. For George Leo Frankenstein, oil paints loosely brushed on paper suggested the humid summer atmosphere of the Gettysburg Battlefield three years after the conflict. For Daniel Gilbert, his 35mm camera allowed him to explore the textures and warm colors of fall foliage in dynamic compositions. 

The Frankenstein prints on display in this exhibit are enlarged reproductions of his original oil paintings of Gettysburg that are part of the collection of Gettysburg College’s Special Collections and College Archives. The photographs of autumn leaves on display are a selection of the non-digital images that were on display in Musselman Library in 2005.