Video Source: "Cite a Source: How and Why You Should Do It."
(2:24, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign)

Citing Sources

Citing your sources correctly and avoiding plagiarism is about more than meeting the requirements of Gettysburg College's Honor Code, it is about being a member of a scholarly conversation and an ethical user of information.

Maybe you've been annoyed at a friend retelling one of your jokes and passing it off as their own. Imagine if someone took credit for your intellectual work and published a book or article with your intellectual work marked as their own. Plagiarism has serious repercussions for both your life as a student researcher and your future professional life.

We keep copies of the major citation styles guides at the reference desk and in the stacks. There are also several, high-quality online guides. We have pulled together a selection for you.


Citation Tools in DatabasesCite Button

Many databases provide can automatically provide citations for you in a variety of citation styles. While it varies with the database, look for a "Cite" button. In databases like Academic Search Premier, it is located on the right column when you're viewing a record.


Organizing Your Citations

Gettysburg College subscribes to a web-based service called RefWorks that allows you to easily store, organize, and create bibliographies in many citation styles. It's like having your own personal database of citations.

Many of our databases (JSTOR, Academic Search Premier, Scopus, etc.) allow you to directly export citations into RefWorks. From that point, you can organize citations into folders for classes, papers, or even by topic.RefWorks

A plug-in, Write-N-Cite, exists for Word that allows you to cite as your write you paper. It handily creates your bibliography at the end of your paper as you work. Another plug-in for most web browsers, RefGrab-It, allows you to collect citation information from web pages.
*Right now RefGrab-It won't work with Windows 7 and IE 8.

Before you start using RefWorks, you'll need to:
    • You'll need to set up an individual account before you begin to build your personal RefWorks database.
    • Deactivate any pop-up blocker you might be using with your particular browser.


Writing Your Paper


There comes a time when you just have to stop reading books and searching databases and just start writing. If you're having trouble with your paper, Gettysburg College has several resources to guide you through the writing process.

The Writing Center, located on the ground floor of Breidenbaugh Hall, is staffed by several members of the English department faculty and by peer tutors. It is a place where students in all disciplines can get help with their paper.

While they won't write your paper for you, they can help you with pre-writing, writing a draft, and the revision and editing process. Check their webpage for their hours and contact information.


Creating a Film, Poster, or Presentation


Films and Presentations

Over the course of your academic career, you will have to complete an assignment that is not a written paper. You may end up giving a performance, making short films, participating in a poster presentation, or giving an oral presentation. The Digital Center in the West Building is where you can check out audio visual equipment, scan images, and edit audio or video.

Printing a Poster

The Digital Center also has two wide-format (42" wide and 24" wide) printers available for any posters you may be making for poster presentations at conferences or during Gettysburg College's annual Celebration.

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