Hardcopy Reserves

Hardcopy materials (books, DVDs, CDs) will be placed on the reserve shelf behind the library's Check-Out Desk. Materials must be owned by Musselman Library, the requesting faculty member, or their academic department. Consumable materials like workbooks may not be put on reserve.

Book Reserve Form
DVD / CD Reserve Form

Electronic Reserves - Book Chapters and Articles

Electronic reserve items will be posted on Moodle. Requests that are deemed impermissible by library staff after a Fair Use analysis will require copyright clearance and may take extra processing time. In some cases, requests may be denied due to excessive licensing fees or if copyright permission cannot be obtained. Use these guidelines to help determine what can be put on electronic reserve:

  • Request the least amount of a work necessary. In general, requesting small amounts of a copyrighted work favors fair use. All requests will be assessed by library staff using the Fair Use guidelines.
  • Print Journals - One article per issue. Exceptions must be reviewed on a case-by-case basis.
  • Electronic Journals - Links to articles found in Musselman Library's online journals and databases can be added to Moodle.
  • Ebooks - Most ebooks in Musselman Library's collection can be linked to Moodle. Ebook license restrictions will be reviewed by library staff before requests are filled.
  • Entire works in the public domain can be put on electronic reserve (including works published before 1923 and most government publications)

Book Chapter or Journal Article Form

Electronic Reserves - Media

Streaming films will be posted on Moodle. Musselman Library subscribes to several streaming video services, and you can browse these services through the Films Online guide. Whether a film is available through one of our streaming services or not, you can make your request by filling out the form below.

Streaming Video Request Form