Circulation Services for Community Borrowers - Borrowing Rules

Loan Periods  
Books 28 days

Residents of Adams County, 18 years of age or older and having completed High School, may apply for Community Borrower privileges. (County residents currently enrolled in college may borrow books through the ACLCP or PALCI programs.) Applications are available at the Circulation Desk. There is no application fee.

Your identification card is needed to check out materials. Community Borrowers are limited to books only; no DVDs, VHS or music CDs. Patrons may borrow up to 8 books with one renewal period. Patrons may renew over the phone by calling the Circulation Desk at (717) 337-7024.

Fines for Overdue Materials  
Overdue Books $.25 per day per book
Recalled book* $.50 per day

Community borrowers are blocked from borrowing or renewing their books if they accrue any overdue charges. Damage or theft of library materials will be addressed through established campus judicial channels and/or local law enforcement.

*Recalled books are books that you already have checked out, but have been requested by another patron. You will be notified that the book has a revised due date (that is at least two weeks from the day you checked it out). Recalled books MUST be returned by the revised due date or fines will begin to accrue. At that time you may place a hold on the book so that it will be recalled for you after two weeks.

Unreturned books or materials

Charges are:

--Books: a minimum of $80, $60 replacement costs and $20 processing charges.
--DVDs and VHS: a minimum of $70, $50 replacement costs and $20 processing charges.
--CDs: a minimum of $45, $25 replacement costs and $20 processing charges.


Patron Confidentiality
Musselman Library protects patron confidentiality and privacy. All transaction records shall be confidential and not made available to anyone except by court order.

However while it is our policy to respect privacy, it is also our responsibility to protect our own electronic systems from unauthorized or criminal use. We reserve the right to monitor our system and to make voluntary disclosures of content:

as necessary to protect our property
if related to the commission of a crime
if related to an emergency involving immediate danger of death or serious physical injury

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