How to Renew Checked Out Items

Materials can be renewed in person at the circulation desk, by phone at 337-7024 or online through Muscat. Because your book loan period is long, one renewal per title is sufficient. 

  1. To renew materials
    go to the MUSCAT homepage and click on "Your Library Account"
    located at the upper right hand corner of the page.

  1. The next screen
    will ask for:
    • your name
    • the first seven digits
      of your ID number
  1. Click on the button marked
    "Patron Record ".

  1. The screen then displays your name and address.
    Click on "# items currently checked out".

  1. A list will appear displaying all items you have checked out. You will have the option of renewing all your books at the same time or selecting individual items to renew by checking the box next to the title.

Warning! Don't click on the title bar or you will not be able to return to the renewal screen.

When your book(s) are renewed the due dates will automatically change. If it's too early to renew an item, a message will appear "TOO SOON TO RENEW "

Note: Don't click on the "Start Over" button unless you really want to go back to the beginning and start over!!