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Features - Spring 2014

Immersion in environmental policy

Students in the Eisenhower Institute's Environmental Leadership Program go to great lengths-and depths-to understand environmental policy.

East meets West

Winds to the East: the Sunderman Conservatory of Music's Wind Symphony had its first international performance tour.

Gifts that made Gettysburg College what it is today

Gifts-whether strategic or seemingly serendipitous-have helped propel the College along a distinctive path.

Working space

Peek into Penn Hall, third floor west.

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Steve Siviy

Professor of Psychology

Recent work:

Siviy's research interests are in identifying the neurobiological substrates of play behavior and studying the effects of early social isolation on the structure and function of brain monoamine systems. He has most recently published works in "Behavioral Brain Research," "Neuroscience and Biobehavioral Reviews," "Journal of Comparative Psychology," "Behavioral Neuroscience," and "Physiology and Behavior."

Neurobiological Substrates of Mammalian Playfulness

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