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Gettysburg Magazine - Winter 2014

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From the President

Engaged learning and high-impact educational practices have always been part of the Gettysburg experience.
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Immersion in environmental policy
Students in the Eisenhower Institute's Environmental Leadership Program go to great lengths-and depths-to understand environmental policy.

East meets West
Winds to the East: the Sunderman Conservatory of Music's Wind Symphony had its first international performance tour.

Gifts that made Gettysburg College what it is today
Gifts-whether strategic or seemingly serendipitous-have helped propel the College along a distinctive path.

The President's office
Peek into Penn Hall, third floor west.



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Class notes

You can find class notes beginning on page 17 of the pdf of the magazine or by logging in to myGettysburg

Parting shot - Seth Statler '83 "Heroes in every fire hall"