Carmichael quoted in Wall Street Journal article about battle anniversary

Prof. Peter Carmichael, director of Gettysburg College's Civil War Institute, was quoted in a June 28 Wall Steet Journal article about the 150th anniversary of the Battle of Gettysburg.

From the WSJ:

Peter Carmichael, a professor of history at Gettysburg College, calls re-enactments an "unfortunate distraction" from a deeper understanding of the Civil War, including the motivations of those who fought and its legacy. He said he favored living history encampments, where people can hold a musket or eat hardtack, giving them a tangible experience of the past. But people can learn the most from National Park Service historians who rove the battlefield, he said: "All you need to do is stay in the National Park and you'll come away with a very deep understanding of what happened here."

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