Adjunct professor does research on man's best friend

Adjunct biology professor Kathryn Lord was featured in a story by HealthDay news regarding the evolution of dogs as domesticated pets.

From HealthDay News:

At some point in history, biologists think humans figured out how to tame wolves. Over time, the ones that lived with humans evolved to have traits more suited to being treasured pets than fearsome predators.

Exactly when and where that process began has been the subject of fierce debate. Now, research from Finland moves the origins of the dog-human bond far back in history, to the hunters of ancient Europe.

"There have been a lot of studies looking at this question," said Kathryn Lord, an evolutionary biologist who studies the origins of dog and wolf behavior.

"A lot of different people have a lot of different answers, and they all disagree with each other, of course," said Lord, who is currently an adjunct professor at Gettysburg College, in Pennsylvania.

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