Alum featured in Patriot-News article about locals' connections to the battle

Alum George Achorn mentioned attending Gettysburg in the section of a June 30 Harrisburg Patriot-News article where he talks about his ancestor who fought at Gettysburg.

From the Patriot:

Regarding ties to the Battle of Gettysburg, I had a relative who fought there. While I was born in Elizabethtown and grew up there and in Hershey where I now reside, my great grandfather Jacob Achorn was born in Maine. My dad's family has always been a bit older when they've had their children and my grandfather was born in 1899, my dad in 1933 and me in 1971. Jacob enlisted as many did during the war and was part of the 16th Maine regiment in Gettysburg.

My dad's cousin (now deceased) who did a lot of this research said he was taken prisoner in Gettysburg, and marched south and along the way they ran into some Union troops bringing southern prisoners north. Apparently the two armies traded prisoners and he was freed to rejoin the Union Army. According to her research, he returned to Washington and was assigned to guard duty with the Army of the Potomac. He was later stationed in the Navy in Wilmington, N.C., where he met his wife Carrie Ames. They ended up living in Baltimore after the war where my grandfather was born. He's the one who moved the family to Lancaster.

In the 1990s I ended up attending Gettysburg College. As a project, my fraternity would go take care of the more storied 20th Maine monument area though I always wondered where the 16th Maine had been. Then, one day while mountain biking through the park, I stumbled across it. While smaller and less known, it still meant a lot to me that I'd found it.

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