Guelzo featured on WBAL radio on Gettysburg and Lincoln

Prof. Allen Guelzo was featured on WBAL radio on July 5 speaking about President Lincoln and Gettysburg.

From WBAL:

What had happened at Gettysburg led Abraham Lincoln to do something he nearly never did. It was to venture out of Washington.

In the days after the decisive Battle of July 3, 1863, the primary mission of both armies was to care for the wounded in makeshift hospitals in churches, public buildings, and even in barns.

The main building at what is now Gettysburg College became such a hospital, with amputations performed on the front portico.  Most of the patients were Confederate soldiers who had become prisoners of war.

Civil War authority Allen Guelzo of Gettysburg College said clearing the battlefield of the dead, humans and horses, fell largely to the locals.

Gettysburg's leaders also decided to set aside a piece of land on the southeast corner to be used as a cemetery for Union war dead.

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