Jordan quoted in Evening Sun article about blacks fighting at Gettysburg

Brian Jordan 09, adjunct instructor of Civil War Studies, was quoted in a July 3 Hanover Evening Sun article about a black reenactor and blacks fighting at Gettysburg. The story got picked up be several outlets, including the Associated Press.

From the Evening Sun:

No black units fought at Gettysburg, but thousands of blacks on both sides shared their armies' hardships during the battle as teamsters and in other support roles, both as slaves and free men.

In fact, their participation in the war was critical to the Union victory, said Brian Jordan, an instructor of Civil War Era Studies at Gettysburg College. "In the full scope of history, our knowledge of African American involvement in the Civil War really just came to light in the past two decades," Jordan said. "And it really surprises most Americans to learn that."

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