Carmichael quoted in Evening Sun article about forgotten heroes at Gettysburg

Civil War Institute Director Peter Carmichael was quoted in a July 4 Hanover Evening Sun article about forgotten heroes at Gettysburg. The article ran in a number of other outlets.

From the Evening Sun:

North Carolina Gen. James Pettigrew was a prominent lawyer before the war. He was a scholar who had graduated from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill as a teenager.

When his division commander, Henry Heth, was wounded on the first day of battle, Pettigrew assumed command and helped crack the Union defense on Seminary Ridge.

In two days of fighting, his North Carolinians lost more men than any other Confederate brigade -- 1,450 of the 2,584 who began the battle.

On July 3, Pettigrew commanded one-third of the men in Pickett's Charge, roughly the same number as Pickett himself. But unlike the Virginians, Pettigrew's men had to cross pancake-flat terrain all the way to Union lines, noted Peter Carmichael, Fluhrer professor of history at Gettysburg College.

"He was as important as Pickett," Carmichael said.

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