Prof Guelzo quoted in story published on Reuters

In a story about Lincoln's Gettysburg Address published on November 19 by Reuters, Civil War era studies Professor Allen Guelzo was quoted, stating that Lincoln's speech was merely the second act of the cemetery dedication ceremony. However, it was his speech that stood the test of time.

From Reuters:

Proof of the importance the event's organizers placed on [Edward] Everett, a former Massachusetts governor and senator, is the fact that they delayed the ceremony by several weeks to ensure he could attend, said Allen Guelzo, a professor of Civil War-era studies at Gettysburg College and author of "Gettysburg: The Last Invasion."

Lincoln was formally invited only two weeks before the ceremony.

"Lincoln never called it the Gettysburg Address," Guelzo said. "Lincoln ... provided the actual dedication address of the cemetery. (But) Everett did the big oration explaining everything."

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