Gettysburg College highlighted in New York Times article for role in Civil War

An October 8 article in the New York Times featured several colleges that were involved in the Civil War, including Pennsylvania College. Pennsylvania College is the original name of Gettysburg College.

From the Times:

South Carolina College was not alone. Young men across the country enlisted in the armies, draining colleges of their students. And over the course of the war, the Confederacy converted many public or semipublic buildings into hospitals, including courthouses, hotels and factories as well as colleges. Even Pennsylvania College in Gettysburg briefly saw service as a Confederate hospital during the nearby battle in July 1863. (On the other hand, some colleges managed to avoid takeovers: in a surprising show of strength, Wesleyan Female College in Georgia resisted a Confederate attempt to make it a hospital, despite the government’s threat to take it by force.)

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