College's connection to Gettysburg Address featured on Yahoo! Finacnce

Gettysburg College and 1851 graduate David Wills, who invited President Lincoln to town to deliver the Gettysburg Address, were featured on Yahoo! Finance on Nov. 11.

From Yahoo! Finance:

If a Gettysburg College alumnus hadn't invited President Abraham Lincoln to town in November 1863, Lincoln may have never delivered one of the most memorable speeches in American history.

David Wills, an 1851 graduate of Gettysburg College (then Pennsylvania College) and prominent local lawyer who worked to establish Soldiers' National Cemetery, invited Lincoln to deliver "a few appropriate remarks" at the cemetery's dedication.

The night before he delivered the Gettysburg Address, Lincoln stayed at the Wills family home on the square in town, where he is said to have finished the 272-word address.

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