Associated Press picks up Inquirer's story on Philly Futures, Gettysburg partnership

The successful 12-year relationship between the College and Philadelphia futures, a non-profit that helps inner-city students get into and afford college was featured in the Philadelphia Inquirer in November. It was picked up by the Associated Press on Dec. 7 and ran in papers nationwide, including the Houston Chronicle and San Francisco Chronicle.

From the article:

For Ashley Trawick, the dilemma was purely academic.

"The hardest thing is coming up with the title of my major," Trawick, 19, told Ruth De Jesus, associate dean of intercultural advancement at Gettysburg College. The sophomore from Southwest Philadelphia is eyeing a mix of developmental psychology and education.

First-generation graduates from Philadelphia public high schools like Trawick once faced much bigger obstacles: How to get into college, how to afford it, and once among the largely white student bodies, how to fit in.

But with a boost from Philadelphia Futures, a nonprofit that helps inner-city students get into and through college, Trawick is on a free ride at the school. She's maintaining a 3.0-plus grade point average - and even feeling comfortable enough to branch out and design her own major.

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