Civil War Institute director emeritus quoted in Patriot-News on November 12

In an article published on November 12, the Patriot-News quotes Gabor Boritt and mentions his connection to Gettysburg College as the former director of the Civil War Institute.

From the Patriot-News:

The image of Lincoln writing his famous speech on scraps of paper on the train from Washington to Gettysburg the day before the ceremony became "a fixture of the popular imagination for nearly a century" after Mary Shipman Andrews's 1906 short story "The Perfect Tribute" was incorporated into school textbooks, but as Lincoln scholar Martin P. Johnson notes in his recent book "Writing the Gettysburg Address," Andrews "never intended her story to be anything more than fiction."

Gabor Boritt, the former director of the Civil War Institute at Gettysburg College, noted in his book, "The Gettysburg Gospel," that Andrews's fiction "became the all-time Lincoln best-seller. It was filmed twice, put on the Internet, and a century after its publication, its influence continues to be felt."

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