Sunderman Conservatory of Music residency mentioned in New York Times

One of the Sunderman Conservatory of Music's residencies, "Shuffle," was mentioned in the New York Times.

From the New York Times:

THE people around me were ordering music the way I order a burger. “I’ll take the Prokofiev,” No. 12 declared. “Let’s have the Bach,” No. 2 said.

At the Shuffle Concert, where crowdsourcing crashes into classical, every guest gets a number. If yours is called, you pick the next piece.

The pieces are numbered, too: In theory, Guest No. 4 could order Piece No. 6. But to prevent the whole thing from tumbling into anarchy, the audience knows to skip the menu numbers and order by composer name. For full effect, you should mutter it casually, as if you and Stravinsky go way back. If there’s a faintly European gargling noise involved (see, for example, Bach), gargle it.

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