Carmichael quoted in AP article about Little Round Top

Civil War Institute Director Peter Carmichael was quoted in a July 1 Associated Press article about Little Round Top.

It appeared in outlets including Yahoo! News, Washington, D.C.'s FOX station, and numerous regional outlets.

From the AP:

The account never really gained acclaim until Shaara's book and later the documentary and movie. There are disputes over the details, but Chamberlain's accounts have become prevalent in part because he later went on to become Maine's governor, said Peter Carmichael, history professor at Gettysburg College.

It was Chamberlain, as brigadier general, who formally received the Confederate surrender at Appomattox in 1865.

"Before the book and the movie, there wasn't even a trail to the 20th Maine monument," Carmichael said. "The bottom line is, Chamberlain wanted us to see him in a certain way, and that's exactly what we've done. He wanted his heroics to be seen a certain way."

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