Guelzo's Gettysburg book featured in Washington Post

Prof. Allen Guelzo's Gettysburg: The Last Invasion was featured in the June 28 Washington Post.

From the Post:

As a professor at Gettysburg College, Allen C. Guelzo has been positioned to scout the town and its surroundings as closely as anyone has ever done, even the soldiers who fought there and the authors who have written whole books about each turn in the three-day battle. He knows every street, every knoll and every gully. But his title at the college — director of Civil War era studies — makes clear that his franchise covers not just combat but everything about the war, and he exercises it fully in this rich, original work.

In a dozen previous books, such as his highly regarded “Lincoln’s Emancipation Proclamation,” Guelzo has studied the politics and philosophy of American history, focusing more on what happened in men’s minds than on the battlefield. In “Gettysburg,” he now brings Clausewitz’s truism that war is “the continuation of politics by other means” down to the personal level, strongly suggesting that even as the guns roar, individual soldiers’ politics will affect how they fight.

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