Political Science prof featured on Minnesota Public Radio on Obama's cabinet

Harold G. Evans Chair of Eisenhower Leadership Studies and Professor of Political Science Shirley Anne Warshaw was featured on Minnesota Public Radio on Dec. 11. She discussed President Obama's cabinet.

From MPR:

President Obama said he wanted to model his Cabinet after President Lincoln's famous "team of rivals." Back in 2008, then-candidate Barack Obama told Time Magazine that if elected, "I want people who are continually pushing me out of my comfort zone."

While he included strong personalities like Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and Defense Secretary Bob Gates in his first-term Cabinet, Washington insiders say the members of his second-term Cabinet aren't likely to challenge the president in the way he claimed to want.

What's the role of a Cabinet member in the Obama administration? Is Cabinet secretary really "the worst job in Barack Obama's Washington," as Glenn Thrush proclaims in Politico Magazine?

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