Alum '69 completes JFK 50 ultra-marathon

Fred Schumacher '69 completed the JFK 50 Mile race for his 37 time. This annual event has been held each November for 51 years. Schumacher's story was featured in an article for The Baltimore Sun that focused on the history of this event.

From the Baltimore Sun:

Fred Schumacher knew the race was worse than he thought it would be when he watched a group of Marines climb into a pickup truck and quit after the first few checkpoints.

The first JFK 50 Mile race Schumacher ran, on March 30 1974, offered a particularly difficult challenge in the 34-degree weather and steady rain that turned to sleet for part of the event. Schumacher, a 66-year-old retired Army officer from Frederick, said he had decided to start the race out of complete ignorance.

After finishing that first race through the cold and rain, he had said he would "never again" run in the event. But once he found out that he had finished 135th out of 1,355 starters and determined that he could cut 30 minutes from his time with warmer weather, he decided to give the race another try.

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