Excerpts from Prof Guelzo's book featured in Patriot-News

An article published on November 19 for the Patriot-News mentioned both Civil War era studies professor Allen Guelzo and his recently published book, Gettysburg: The Last Invasion. Excerpts from his book highlighted the aftermath of the battle.

From the Patriot-News:

Allen Guelzo, in his recent gripping book on the battle, "Gettysburg: The Last Invasion," writes of the morbid mercantile business of stripping the field and the dead of valuables.

Guelzo describes what visitors were confronted with in the weeks after the battle: "The open fields were thickly stippled with "everything belonging to soldiers afoot or on horseback, such as caps, hats, shoes, coats, guns, cartridge and cap boxes, belts, canteens, haversacks, blankets, tin cups, horses, saddles, and swords.' Along the Emmitsburg Road, details of Union soldiers from Alex Hays' division began retrieving some 2,500 rifles from where Pickett's men had thrown them away, thrusting them bayonet-down into the ground so that they were 'standing as thick as trees in a nursery.'"

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