Guelzo mentioned in Wall Street Journal column on Lincoln's Gettysburg Address

Prof. Allen Guelzo was featured in a July 5 Wall Street Journal column by Peggy Noonan on President Lincoln's thoughts after the Battle of Gettysburg.

From the WSJ:

More from Allen Guelzo's new "Gettysburg: The Last Invasion," a sweeping and meticulous recounting of the battle that never loses sight of its essentials. Mr. Guelzo, in an epilogue, says something about the Gettysburg Address I'd not seen noted in a life reading Lincoln.

It turns out Lincoln gave a kind of preview of the address only three days after the battle had ended. It was July 7. Word had reached the War Department of another Union triumph, on July 4, at Vicksburg, Miss. This greatly cheered a glum Lincoln, who'd been grieving Gen. George Meade's decision not to follow and crush Lee's forces as they retreated from Pennsylvania. What happened at Vicksburg underscored the momentum toward victory. Lincoln called the news "great. . . . It is great!"

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