Psychology professor quoted in CBS News report on London police super-recognizers

Richard Russell, an assistant professor of psychology at Gettysburg, was quoted in a CBS News article about super-recognizers, those who have superior facial recognition ability. 

From CBS News: 

Russell told he does not believe super-recognizers are doing anything dramatically different than average people when they look at someone to recognize a familiar face. He thinks they don't hone in on someone's eyes or a specific feature to recognize someone better than a typical individual would, he said.

"We don't really know whether they are doing something qualitatively different than other people. I assume they are not," said Russell. "It might be a quantitative difference -- still using the same kind of processes, but maybe they're better."

One of the goals of facial recognition research is to understand which cues are leading people to identify a face. It could be a difference in how a person processes the color contrast between the lips and skin or the distance between parts of the face that leads to this recognition, he postulated.

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