Prof Warshaw pens opinion column for the Patriot-News

Political science professor and presidential scholar Shirley Anne Warshaw wrote a column for the Patriot-News on January 17 about former Secretary of Defense Robert Gates' new book. She argues that Gates wrote the book in part due to a bruised ego over his lack of control over defense decisions.

From the Patriot-News:

As he completes the talk-show circuit discussing his tenure as secretary of defense, Robert Gates slams Obama’s leadership, in part because he perceived the White House as too controlling.

A similar book was written by Clinton’s first secretary of labor, Robert Reich, who had many of the same complaints. In Locked in the Cabinet, written while Clinton was in his second term, Reich complains of White House staff micromanaging policy and, as his title implies, keeping cabinet members tightly locked away from the all-important final decision. 

The parallel is clear: regardless of whether one is secretary of defense or secretary of labor, the White House is in control.

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