Student photographer '15 mentioned in the Brooklyn Daily Eagle

In an article published on February 28 by the Brooklyn Daily Eagle, junior Eric Lee was mentioned for his participation in a group of Urban Explorers. According to the article, Urban Exploration is a hobby shared by people who enjoy exploring the hidden parts of cities. Lee accompanied the group as a photographer.

From the Brooklyn Daily Eagle:

"For too many people,” says Lynch, “urban living consists of mindless travel between work, shopping and home, oblivious to the countless wonders a city offers.”

“Taking pictures justifies the experience,” says Lynch. “Places look so cool. That’s the allure of it. Without having a picture you don’t have much to remember it by.”

The trip’s conceiver, Adrian Nugent-Head, 20, a sociology major at Wesleyan University, is one of the group’s photographers. Eric Lee, 20, a health science major at Gettysburg College, is the group’s main photographer and videographer. Lastly, Eddie Owens, 20, an engineering major at Princeton University, is the group’s scout.

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